My First

“Minor things can become moments of great revelation when encountered for the first time”
-Margot Fonteyn

So this one is my first attempt towards something like this… And here it goes, A small story I have written.

There is a big possibility that you will not get what I am trying to convey so please read this Wikipedia page about 55 fiction [link] and then proceed.I hope you will like it!


She looked awful that day. She was scared. She knew what lies ahead. She hated him for doing that to her, but He looked unmoved. She was holding his hand till they reached the destination. She pleaded, but he was unfazed, he kissed her and zoomed away.
It was her first day of school.

I don’t know it made any sense to you or not but as its my first attempt at fiction, Its dear to me. More so because writing/doing anything creative is not my cup of tea. Never thought this day would come. Its like George bush writing book on Public Speaking, Mika giving speech on Indian culture or uday chopra giving tips on dating. You got the point, right?

I was so tempted to make it a 250 words read but didn’t. I thought Its better to cut it out to 55 words i.e. micro fiction. Its concept of story-telling were word limit is 55. You can express in less words but cant exceed it. So if its just 55 words it actually gets tough to get audience hooked and related to characters, So what you can do is give them a mental exercise where they keep on guessing(I know span is short) what the actual situation is and turned the table with last line, anti-climax that is.

So I have tried hard (at least I would like to believe so) not to give away the plot and keep my audience puzzled or make them assume a different situation in their mind. Now if you guessed what was coming then I failed at my attempt but if it brought a smile on your lovely face then I made it I guess.. :)

As its my first attempt at writing something which can be put in the category of fiction. I want your feedback good bad,whatever it is, throw at me please.

And I added ‘fiction’ in my blog category list…yay!!