Its a special day as I complete my 100th post on this blog. I wanted to write this down around last year but as luck would have it I am writing towards end of the new year. I had great time writing this blog, At times out of compulsion , at times to kill the time, at times to grab the attention, Mostly to grab the attention I would say.

I would like to thank some of the on and off readers/commenters of this blog.

Mukta : She has been really kind in posting comments on my blog and I think she is the first regular reader I had for my blog. Also she is a no non-sense blogger, Thanks Mukta.

DI : Again she started reading my blog recently. She has been a regular one. I wouldn’t say she writes like me ( It would be an insult) but just like me she can also write a post out of nothing and make it readable ( At this point the difference comes between her and mine writing, My writing remains pathetic ). Thanks DI.

BB : I had a blogspot blog when I started blogging but I never really wrote much there and one day I landed on BB’s blog and since then I am hooked to her blog. I would say more-or-less she has been the inspiration for starting this blog. I think her about me page is the best. Thanks BB.

Pooja : Totally forgot her name, She has been quite frank in giving her feedback which she used to give (Mostly offline). Thanks Poo.

I would also like to thank some people like thesalpit, lilbrain, anjugandhi, priyanka, vikram for reading this blog every time I sent the links.

Thanks again. Should be back with a bang.


And the award goes to…

To start with I am really thankful to each and every reader(total 14)  who has voted on the blog. I must apologies to all of you for delaying the process by so many days. This post was overdue. Second apology for the format in which survey results are presented. But trust me I struggled for more than 30 min to get the correct format and at the end I gave up!!

What type of posts you like most all this blog?


– OK Here I committed a mistake of putting check boxes and hence a misguided result.  Now I don’t know which kind of post actually liked by people. But the majority goes to personal cat. So some kinda hint is there.

How do you access this blog
*Google Reader(5)
*Feed Burner(0)
* Bookmark on browser(1)
* Facebook/ orkut/ twitter(5)
*I type the URL(3)

– So most of the reader come here from spamming I do on social networking sites. Thank you my fraands :)

You don’t comment on post mainly because?

* I am lazy(7)
* Its not worth it(1)
* Its not convenient(0)
* Other(3)

– No wonder half of them are just as lazy as I am. I got some of the messages in other cat. which said they do  comment on the post.

You know me

* Only through my blog(5)
* Personally(7)
* through my online profile(1)
* Other(0)

-I didn’t know so many people whom I personally know do read my post.

Do you prefer to take this blogger-blog reader relationship further?

* No, Thanks!(3)
* Yes, as a friend(5)
* Link exchange may be(1)
* Maybe online social networking(1)
* Other(4)

– Here we have mixed reaction. So those who don’t fall in ‘No Thanks!’ can add me on orkut and facebook using email id  marsreturn4u[at] gmail[dot]com. Or mail me your profile link I will add you. For link exchange you can mail me as well.

What turns you off on this blog?

* Bad Grammar(4)
* Typos(0)
* Poor writing style(0)
* Topics of blog(2)
* Other(8)

– This has been a cause of concern since the day I got some readership.  So I have decided to address the issue. I have decide to use proper spell checks and grammar checks so my readers don’t have to deal with ‘their’ instead of ‘there’. I know I am great.

How do you rate this blog?

Avg : 3.6 or 3.8

Min : 2

Max : 5 (by a friend)

-Its around 3.8 I believe. I did the calculation long back when all votes where in. I frankly think my blog doesn’t deserve rating of more than 2.5 , But thanks anyways for kind of support you guys have shown.

Would you like to write a guest post here?
Yes                                                                                            8
No                                                                                              6

-Another mistake here.’ Yes’ was the default choice, So many didn’t bother to  change it. But if that’s not the case and if you are interested in writing a guest post do mail me.


Some of you took the trouble to give the feedback and It was nice to know that I could make people smile. (Its the toughest thing to do, I believe). Thank you!!

Will You marry me?

* NO                                                                                          1
* WTF?                                                                                     7
* LOL                                                                                         5

– 5 LOL’s not bad, I say!!!

P.S. : Have you watched trailer of ‘3 patti’ by any chance. Yes I am talking about that song where  gal dancing around with less clothes than mallika. I think she is daughter of shakti kapoor. What do you think?   Its shakti’s way of paying back? (Too cheesy? I know)

..till den :)