Abe title chod post padh

Similar post have been done by two bloggers in the past, Incidentally both of them have same initials. Both DI, [link] and [link] . Couldn’t locate the post though.

So its about the weird/funny/sad word search that people do and land on my blog. And to show how much effort Google still has to put in its RnD Dept. Here we go.

1. how to make gampati bapa happy

I wish I knew , I wonder if google can tell you that. And after looking at spelling of Ganpati, I think it has been searched by a teenage boy whose ssc result is due. Internet is a devil for leading such teenage souls to blog like this. God bless.

2. constipation books

Constipation books, really? I can understand some old uncle type would write a para or may be a post on constipation, but a book? Let me know if you got any. Between Google misguided him because I wrote a review for one of chetan bhagat’s book. Enough said*.

3. waht

What or wat (Mumbaiya lingo)?

4. bhai tune pappi kyon li.rm

Well, seriously Mica tune pappi kyu li? I mean Rakhi Swant ki pappi?
Curtly Ambrose[link] has better chances of getting kissed than Rakhi Swanat will ever have. I hope he got the desired answer. Between what is that li.rm? Video file? Dude you wanna see how that happened? Yuck.

5. sweaty bodybuilder with armpit hair

I am speechless. If you wanna see one, just type Sunny Deol, I am sure he is sweaty and must be having those armpit hair you are looking for.

6. guy deletes gf farmville

What? how could he? But wait, why you wanna find that? To send that Girl Farm-ville invites?

7. shridevi yogaasan

*Drum rolls* This one show, reach of this this blog. Even people from south has access to this blog. Between you guys have any link of ‘yogasana of Sridevi’? Asking just to help these needy souls, not for me. ;)

8.amar singh and enjoy

I wonder who wants to enjoy with Amar Singh? As a regular reader of national daily’s page3 supplement, My memory fails to point anyone else but Mr Bacchan himself. With so many events and parties they have attended together, The happy lot must be enjoying each others company. Does it concludes that Biggest superstar of this country reads my blog?

9.scary old ladies

Sorry I am not old and not a lady for sure, Just scary.

10.motivational engineers

Thanks google if you think I am one of those engineers who can motivate. Now I even have a proof for an objective of my next appraisal. *wheeheee*

11.facebook stole my life

Come on don’t be such a loser. I know people who have lost their wives/Gf to the said site.

12.bobby darling hair removal process

Thank god you just want to know about her(or his) hair removal process, After all its a family blog.

13.hot shirtless guy pic blog

I wish I could say you got the right guy, but no. Its partially right. That ‘hot’ and ‘shirtless’ thing cant happen. Though thanks to google for some moral boosting.

*I love Chetan Bhagat’s book and will read his next one as well.

And Wish you a Happy Eid, Ganesh Chaturthi and Savantsari etc in advance.

New post pretty fast I say, Now you cant complain. Between what is the wackiest word search that lead to your blog?