The I Day

“Koi bhi desh perfect nahi hota. Use behtar banana padta hai.”

I dont want to talk about negative things today. We are in our 63rd year of Independence . And its been a remarkable journey from once a country of illiterate to most promising youth nation. We had many highs and many lows during these years. Its not wat we have done in the past but what we can achieve in the future. As the above quote says( My fav dialogue from RDB) . It’s not bad to be a imperfect country but its bad if you choose to remain that ways. Do something!

” बदले व्यक्ति, समाज व्यक्ति से, राष्ट्र स्वयं बदलेगा .”
– आचार्य तुलसी .

This means you dont have to go on boarder and kill the enemy or get an oscar for your country. It simply means make simple changes at personal level , society will change gradualy, and so will the country. Pay tax , Keep the city clean, Dont give/take bribe, Love your country to say the least!!

When I listen to such old songs; there lyrics seems so relevant even after 49 years. We have to break so many barriers!!!

Happy Independence Day…..JAI HIND!

updated later : for feel good factor


Krack N Jack

Hey…nice to see you on my blog. If your anxious to read the post because of the title then please back-off its an irrelevant title just like this post. But if you wanna read just because no good songs are played on MTV and no cheap movie is running on zee cinema then go ahead and read it and you will be disappointed.

Its a lazy saturday morning I woke up at friends(mind you a male friend) place at 10.00Am and headed to home to have my lunch. My jaw is hearting so much that I cant even take up a call..talked so much yesterday..we were talking till 3 in da morning. So rather then talking posting this post. Last week has been preety much eventful…i know its turning into a personal diary types of blog…*sigh*…Cant help it i dont have much other then my boring life…

As I reached home around 1pm verdict was already out. UPA surprised everybody including themselves just like 2004. In 2004 they not only survived the election they formed a stable goverment too. This time they turned the table big time now they dont need CPM, no laloo,Paswan or SP needed. Mr Advani’s dream will remain a dream and an alleged weak PM will rule the PMO again. I think if BJP doesnt understand this time what this verdict is poining at they will be having bigger surprises in future. By the way my only concern is ms mamta will become a railway minister; She had a thing for railways from the start…letc how it goes.

One of the thing that kept me busy last week was my college pals engagement. His been a close pal of mine since last last 7 year. We friends call him BEVDA ;now dont get me wrong we dont call him bevda bcoz of his drinking habbits but bcoz of his voice. I mean when he talks his voice can be mistaken as voiceover by ompuri for some bollywood movie; And in the same breathe i would like to say he is the one of the cool headed guy I ever met. Coming back to the engagement they looked like a perfect couple to me and I wish them all the luck and cute kids for future.

Coming to IPL…I wonder if Mumbai indian will be able to make it. Sad state of affair there men. Talking about the ever enthu commentators team in IPL commentry box they have been changing cricket terms into marketing fillers,they dont say six runs any more they say DLF maximums; no more turning points in matches its all about getting that citi moment of success. May be coming year harsha will go like this “Its a refereshingly different morning today brought to you by TATA tea; Sehwag with hero honda bat looks good today and his GMR tag looks more clearer then yesterday”…”hey its zandu chaywanprash wicket for mumbai indians”….”It was a fevikwick chutki me chipkaye catch by sachin”.Sad state affairs here too.

Second event….one of my pal at office decided to call it a day. She had enough of IT and she want to persue her dream. Well it didnt came as a shocker as I already knew it was coming. I know her for more then 2 years and she has been a strength of our group, She always make sure that everyone is comfortable and she think abt all of us. She is the only person who have heard so much of my philosophical shit without sleeping on phone.Definitly i will miss her but more than being sad i feel happy for her. When someone says that she know what she want to in life it feels great; thats because I never been able to figure that out still struggling to find my teeth you see.Anyhow Pri wishing you all the best and do crack that big thing.

Just watched a re-run of MTV roadies gujrat episode and I love DEV men. I loved his audition too. I can see that N numbers of time without blinking once. I mean where you will get such an animated characted with over confidance ozzing out from each part of his body. *rock on in the background* I always thought i was missing something in life and I think I know wat was that. I want a friend like DEV yaar…his a 24*7 non stop entertainment. Is it in gatia’s of ahmedabad??..i think greenpenlife can explain it better..r u listening??*Govinda..Govinda..played in the background*

After loosing my two friends literally. Its getting difficult to digest the fact that MI again managed to loose a last over match(just saw it!!). And now even god cant help them to make it to semis…*sigh*

I have lot to post abt…. something i read about rakhi sawant, my appraisal, my watchmen and about how my social skills touching its 52 week low again. But as I can see your so tired an frusted and I dont want you to scratch your empty head and distrurb those zoo-zoo’s in your messy hair and think wat this nut want to convey by this post. Which was composed while eating a pack of krack-jack *hint abt the title* and sipping a disgusting tea prepared by yours truly himself.

So here saying a good bye and shaba kher till MI looses another match… :)

JaaGo Ree….

“Democracy is a device that ensures we shall be governed no better than we deserve”
-George Bernard Shaw

You no wat i have been doing this liitle research on human body since last 20 minutes and see wat i have found ….

…human body is most productive wen u haven’t bathed for 6 hrs after ur outta bed…so i have decided that i will remain unbathed atleast on week-ends….i no my mommy wont buy this…but u no wat nobody believed einstein wen he discovered gravity(or was it newton???…watever)…

Well this blog isn’t funny!!!

I know most of you are sleeping …n sleeping with open eyes…you like to curse every time you see pot-holes on roads…wen you see long queue for boarding passes on airport…you curse wen there are no dust-bin on roads…you curse wen there is huge traffic…you curse wen there is mumbai attack… curse wen you don’t find bisleri bottle at MRP in multiplex…you curse wen you have to watch PHOONK in theatres ….basically wat i want to say is we all indians like to curse …we no how to abuse but how to produce we seldom care…..we want our system to change but we dont vote for it….we are lazy enough to give that election phase a miss…its so convenient also na??….and its so uncool to go to those muncipality schools to vote…..y cant they take SMS pool just like my fav show indian idol..huh???

…but the same hipocracy goes away wen its time to discuss obama..we all love him..we want to discuss wat change his talking abt..its so “in ” thing and classy to talk abt Mr. obama…..howz he loved by billions around the globe….and compare our politicians…but it always happen ..grass is greener on other side….we dont like our politicians..i agree…but have u done anything to change it???…ans is big NO….specially our young generation..they would rather prefer to catch a movie which will cost them 250 bucks (add 50 for coke also….and 300 more if u have gf)..or will spend a 500 for that silly bowling game..and 5 hours are wasted in nothing….but wen u tell them to vote they make faces as if ishant awasthi has been asked wat is 2+2….khuch nahi badlega…vote karne se khuch nahi hota..waste of time hai…this are the std responses u get from those so called ‘youth ‘ of india……just wanna say atleast vote…vote for the person you think may not be the best but better then others….

Half the generation of my age doesnt no that advani belongs to BJP and is not some antique piece in mallyas personal collection …for all those loosers who doesnt no wat its all abt and there GK says that paris hilton is name of some 5 star hotel in france but still wanna change things around then i would just advice you to vote for BJP or Congress or there allies dont vote for parties ..BSP..CPM..AIDMK..MNS…dont make them kingmakers…vote wisely!!!!!!!!!

BTW have voted for 3 elections(2 assembly and 1 general)….and its so happened that jisko bhi vote diya wo har gaya….so dis time i have decided that will vote against my fav. candidate …so that he/she will win..nice na???…but i will vote….

so guys n gals jago re…..and go and register yourself at this site….
do check out this site too…
and get ur left hand finger tainted with that blue ink this april or u will get wat u deserve as the quote on start of the page says…..

…till den… :)

India in Making

As we walk into our 62nd year of free india lods many things get into my mind…from our freedom of struggle to bindra winning the far we have reached and how much we can achieve in coming years.

Blast from Past:

When you think of freedom struggle the first name comes is ..ofcourse…MK Gandhi…his been der from early days of his youth till death…..his a mahatma and i really respect him for all the obvious reasons…he gave the freedom movement the right direction…he had that long term vision for india and he made sure that indians achieve that…in crucial time he took the morally high stand to stop quite india movement when chori-chora happend…and made it clear dat violance is not the way wer we should find our aazadi..thats one of the reson why i put gandhi b4 bhagatsingh or chandrashekhar azad…its not that i count there sacrifice any less den gandhi…infact i respect each and every single indian who ever dreamt of making india free and had contributed to it any which way….but the path they took was easier den the path wat gandhi took….he choose to live and battle it out…..he was der till the end and thats wat make the person legend of all time…..

Done and awaited :

In past 61 year have we done justice to all the efforts dat went through….all the pain mothers took to let there child go and sacrifice there life for indian freedom….to all the children who lost there father…wat we hope we had and wat we have achieved till date……is der any sense of achievement..well ans can be “yes and no”..exactly nobody can say that we lost the vision we had or its on right track and its in making…….

Wen i think of future today it looks very good if u have the same vision wat Mr. abdul kalam have(india a super power by 2020_…i also respect this gentlement bcoz he had been instrumental in making india a nuclear power….and have been very inspirational to all the indian of my age….but recently one thing which real made me feel sad about this enthu ex. president is that he didnt contest for presidential election for the reason that he wanted majority in his favour..he wanted most of the parties to support him….y??bcoz he didnt wanted to loose…and thats make me feel sad…. he didnt
participated bcoz he was affraid of lossing thats not wat we have learnt from this men…he didnt show that sportsmen spirit for which we always look upto him… :(

back to..
the possibilities are endless;we can be on moon….we can be a SUPER POWER and wat not….
i wish all the best to india for its future and hope i will also contribute in its success…..

till dennnn….. :)