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Kareeb: The amateur love story

While watching one of my favorite show on teevee i.e.’Total Recall’ ‘ on Times Now, I came across images of Booby Deol with long curly hair and it reminded me of my all time favorite love story ‘Kareeb’. I thought I will try to write down why I like that movie so much.

I have mentioned on this blog before that this Vidhu Vinod Chopra creation is lovely little love story between two young adults from a small town and has a special part in my heart.

I think I saw the movie when I was in 8th std on Doordarshan and instantly fell in love with both the characters of Bobby and Neha. The goofy Booby with his amateurish acting skills and Neha with that everlasting smile.

Bobby was new and bit raw at that time. He acted his part so well, a small town boy, from a middle class business family. He is care less, irresponsible and gets his kicks from telling lies. He roam around the town eating hand full of peanuts from his front pocket.

Neha is beautiful girl, with that rare old world charm and her smile is to die for. She is from poor family and lives with her windowed mother.

And I won’t narrate the story here but Bobby makes her fall in love and on weeding day it all goes kaput for the love birds because of a small lie by Bobby.

The movie works for me because the characters are not perfect and very believable. The not so superior acting skills of leading couple adds a charm to the characters they play.
I think same movie with established actor would have failed to impress me.

The movie has lovely mushy moments and a good dose of comical relief. Love, Pain, humor in right amount of mixture.

The remaining cast is superb, from aggressive Saurabh Shukla to
Funny Johney lever. The cinematography is beautiful and every frame is picture perfect.

The music needs a special mention here, Anu Malik has done super job with ‘ha judaai is darta hai dil’ and ‘chori chori’.

I haven’t seen any other movie directed by Mr. Chopra but I think this is his best. I don’t think he will make a better movie than this one.

What is your favorite Bollywood love story and why?


Its a special day as I complete my 100th post on this blog. I wanted to write this down around last year but as luck would have it I am writing towards end of the new year. I had great time writing this blog, At times out of compulsion , at times to kill the time, at times to grab the attention, Mostly to grab the attention I would say.

I would like to thank some of the on and off readers/commenters of this blog.

Mukta : She has been really kind in posting comments on my blog and I think she is the first regular reader I had for my blog. Also she is a no non-sense blogger, Thanks Mukta.

DI : Again she started reading my blog recently. She has been a regular one. I wouldn’t say she writes like me ( It would be an insult) but just like me she can also write a post out of nothing and make it readable ( At this point the difference comes between her and mine writing, My writing remains pathetic ). Thanks DI.

BB : I had a blogspot blog when I started blogging but I never really wrote much there and one day I landed on BB’s blog and since then I am hooked to her blog. I would say more-or-less she has been the inspiration for starting this blog. I think her about me page is the best. Thanks BB.

Pooja : Totally forgot her name, She has been quite frank in giving her feedback which she used to give (Mostly offline). Thanks Poo.

I would also like to thank some people like thesalpit, lilbrain, anjugandhi, priyanka, vikram for reading this blog every time I sent the links.

Thanks again. Should be back with a bang.

On Being Slow

Hey All, blogging has been  slow since few days and it shall remain so till 26th of this month. Something imp coming up and blogging shall resume after that unless I have something real exceptional thing to share. So have a peaceful life till I come back.

And guys do watch ‘Road,Movie’ , Abhay deol looks promising as always.

Till den BRB… :)

The I Day

“Koi bhi desh perfect nahi hota. Use behtar banana padta hai.”

I dont want to talk about negative things today. We are in our 63rd year of Independence . And its been a remarkable journey from once a country of illiterate to most promising youth nation. We had many highs and many lows during these years. Its not wat we have done in the past but what we can achieve in the future. As the above quote says( My fav dialogue from RDB) . It’s not bad to be a imperfect country but its bad if you choose to remain that ways. Do something!

” बदले व्यक्ति, समाज व्यक्ति से, राष्ट्र स्वयं बदलेगा .”
– आचार्य तुलसी .

This means you dont have to go on boarder and kill the enemy or get an oscar for your country. It simply means make simple changes at personal level , society will change gradualy, and so will the country. Pay tax , Keep the city clean, Dont give/take bribe, Love your country to say the least!!

When I listen to such old songs; there lyrics seems so relevant even after 49 years. We have to break so many barriers!!!

Happy Independence Day…..JAI HIND!

updated later : for feel good factor

Life , Faith and all that

“Life is tough.”
-read somewhere

This one isn’t funny and a long one.

I read above quote some where in some book. It says Life is tough and if you accept this fact you will never have a tough day in your life; And I loved it. Its so true and we all know it but its so difficult to realize the fact. I wont say it changed my life upside down but it does had its effect on what I think today about life. Achieving everything is not the only thing in life. The success , the money, the appreciation will make your life more comfortable but happier?? I wonder!!.

Its your perception which makes the world what it is. If you think world is BAD its BAD if you think its GOOD place to be in then its. Its not easy to enjoy your life even if your ambani’s son. Life teaches all of us in one form or other. You will have those tough times, those joyful moments, the loss which will be with your till you last breath; You cant skip the trap. All you can do is enjoy the journey. Enjoy the little happy moment which you normally ignore.

If I look back I never had real tough time which I would recollect today. Life is been happy-go-lucky for me. I dont think I got All I wanted but I never asked too much from life in anycase. I do regret somethings I did in the past;At the same time cherish some decision which I can say were mine. But I dont have any baggage, I dont carry any bag full of guilts.

My father had a humble beginning; we started from not-so-great situation to some-what-comfortable life. The journey tought me so much abt surviving the not-so-great situations. I wont say I don’t fear loosing the comforts of life but if I have to let go all this things someday I wont be down n out because I Know I can survive!!!

It all comes from my father He has been true icon for me. I wonder how he gets all the energy at this age after tiring day of work. I respect him for what he is. I never seen him cursing the situation he takes the initiative. Whether its some family problem or taking panga with the system. He is always up for the challenge and with solutions. He is the kind of person who is always on the move even on off days. He doesn’t like lazying around. I wish someday I will be able to match his foot-prints.

FAITH. For me is believing in something which give you strength. It doesn’t matter if you follow a particular religion or have faith in some idols as long as it takes you UP when your down. Its facinating to see ppl climb up those mountains for amarnath yatra or when ppl walk miles from virar to sidhivinayak. I myself have done that from kandivali to dadar atleast for 4-5 times. But its not out of faith Its just the 4-5 hrs long conversation with friends which lure me to do that, Showing trust in god is just one part of it. But I think for many ppl its all about there blind faith in the idol they worship, I think they think that pain will make them closer to GOD and may be rightly so. Pain does make you closer to GOD. People have different up-bringing different background and so different worship methods. But as long as it takes you closer to being a good human Its all good. Humanity is above all.

And I don’t know why I have written something so basic and obvious things which we all know but some times all we need is to look WITH-IN. And find the way ahead. The more you look behind more you will move forward because we learn from our success , our failures.

If your kind of reader who just skimmed through above written things and wondering how I wrote a post without muttering a word about rakhi sawant, shakti kapoor and anu malik even once; then dont worry guys I am in good health and next post will be for you. And if your a kind of reader who took the pain to read all that and thought I eventually had something to say then I am glad you thought so.

Heya till the next time… :)

Laga ungli me daag..

hey…gals , guys and varun gandhi’s … I am back with a crapy blog and a small request. I want you to follow me just like vodafone network…so u can be updated about me. I mean i have this twitter account since ages and no real follower yet…so follow me….and know abt me….wen m sad,happy,burping,copying code…basically everything under the sun and over the bed… :)

I know that nobody is intrested in following a 20 something bachelor guy with weird english and with zero hobbies…but still…ki farak paida hai….

Last week had been quite a hactic one….saw a frnd in hospital bed(his recovering now) with no cute nurses around…met an old frd after a long time…wen i say old it means chuddy-buddy friend. Our friendship goes back wen there was no cell phones no pagers, no X-BOX..and no rakhi sawant…it was wen kimi katkar was hottie , STD call meant special previlage and video games were ultimate TP.Now we have grown-up (atleast physically) but warmth was same..we met like chuddy buddies only and was quite refreshing….only diffrence is he earn his kamai by breaking ppls teeth (he is a dentist)…he also got a cute GF by his side…obviously she havent met me yet so she is still with him.I no that bastard is smiling while reading this….:)

Now taking clue form poo’s blog abt forgiving and forgetting; I think my stand is quite clear…. life is too short to hold the grudges, Its all abt forgetting the past and moving on…read somewhere
“It really doesn’t matter if the person who hurt you deserves to be forgiven.Forgiveness is a gift you give yourself. You have things to do and you want to move on.”

Coming to IPL; This years IPL getting better then last years atleast for me (if you just remove the mumbai indian’s performnace till now). This time round even bowler are getting there due and thats wat make it more balanced and less batsmen friendly. I love KKR not because of SRK but bcoz its the only team which allowed MI to win twice. I hope that modi get 2 more teams like KKR in IPL-3 so that MI can win more matches. Have read fakeiplplayer’s blog and its good fun. And i am sure it has more followers then KKR ever had.

Taking another clue/tag form MM’s blog abt ten most romantic bollywood movies m trying to put few my favs….to start with i am not a romantic at heart…I like movies which has masala and shakti kapoor in it.

4.Jab We Met

Now i cant put down 10 7 bhi bahut sochne ke baad aayi hai…m not sure how many of u have seen kareeb but do watch it its awesome amateur love story and that why i like it. It was bobby’s second and neha’s first film so there chemistry is fresh and intresting.

Going back to; IPL vodafone ads are highlights of the matches. Its nice to see those rajpal yadav’s in white costumes. Unlike its rivals bharati and idea it has never used any bollywood actor as there brand abassador and still manage to grab the eye-balls unlike amar singh.

Now the title …well i remember mere bachpan ka ek kissa ..a chap was our captain for the cricket match and he thght we were nuts so he taught us how to defend and how to hit big once and gave us 20 min ka lecture on “how-to-kick-other-teams-ass” and he went for the strike as the opener and got his ass kicked on the first ball. You shd have seen his face ……and as duniya is goal unfortunately it happend to me this time after writing 2 posts and sending so many mails to my friends abt “why-to-vote” and “know-ur-neta” that they blocked my email id. I got a shocker when I was abt to press the EVM button bcoz the person i wanted to vote for was not on the list. So quickly i tossed a coin and decided the candidate.

I know u must be thinking what kind of fool i am but there are two reasons for the blunder. I stay at kandivali and my voting area is at my old address thats in jogeshwari and last time it was between sanjay nirupam and priya dutt…but this time arnd there area has changed so the …. Still i managed to fingered the democracy and got my fingure tainted.

I know this post has started no where and ending at no actual conclusion but if you have read so far give your wonderful eyes some rest and start typing the comments….m signing off …

Bad news : Cant read abhi’s says blog is open to invited readers only….can somebody help!!!

BTW i think deccan chargers cheer-gals are hot!!!…wats ur take…. :)