Bahut orkut lagi hai yaar…

if you are wondering why there is no quote ..then find me one on social networking n will put it here…pura google search kar liya maine ek bhi dhang ka nahi hai….:(

waise other day i got a ping….yes again…but this time on yahoo msg…

dipu : you are on orkut??
me: orkut?? konsa planet hai??(today this word sounds so common but 3 years back it sounded like some planet next to pluto )
dipu : social networking site hai….
me : social networking ???….i do that on yahoo’s “18+ chat group”…why you need a site?
dipu : abe “%*&”%..join it…. you are missing something in life…

was i missing something??…with my PSPO fan at 1000RPM…rotating that humid summer air to cool breeze….half eaten pizza with paneer toppings lying half in my plate n half on my shirt…empty cold coffee can (ye i like my pizza with cold coffee…any problem?)……and with “Dhoom pichak dhoom ” at full volume…it didn’t seem like i was missing something…..may be a GF I thought ….can I find someone there??…will any decent gal be interested in a guy..who wear same jeans everyday …doesn’t like to shave for months and doesn’t now how people tie there shoe-laces so easily n why indians eat with knife n fork? (please note these characteristic I had 3 years ago n now I am more civilised… at least more civilised then rakhi sawant and salman khan)…mmm…maybe..gals are dumb too..even they don’t no why cheer girls are must in every IPL match ….so shayad koi mil jaye you never no….

And I joined thing called orkut with the same enthu and ambition as shakti kapoor has wen he approaches a gaoan ki gauri….it took me around 5 days to understand that we shold reply in others scrapbook n not in our own ….(add to list that m slow learner too)….though with hit ratio of zero of finding a gal online…I am in like with this site…its FUN!!

With social capabilities same as aditya chopra(people at least no his name)..i thoght it would be wonderful to
socialize virtually…u don’t have to be face to face..just leave a u can be updated about what the persons is up to….and if your even more lazier than our ex-home minister shivraj patil…. just check the updates of your friends…and you will know..who is missing bombay and who is having fun in PUB’s of LA….whose recently got hitched and who broke off…people update everything….from there marital status to the weird stuff they write on there blog…:P

********** commercial break **********************************
¬btw i tried to join salsa classes in my office but there are limited seats so couldn’t get through…. that salsa teacher must have done some really charity in her past life that I couldn’t be her student.I say that because last time wen I danced..iIwas 18 year old and it was my cousins sangeet and my aunt from timbaktu forced me to dance along with them on stage…n with “kala chasma” on the disc i coudn’t stop my self and started with little jig I know…my aunt thought i was on drugs when she saw my waist ,hip and neck moving asynchronously just like mumbai local trains ..she was horrified….wo din hai or aaj ka din she skips every sangeet where we both are invited…I am so sorry auntyji..but i don’t dance anymore…..I hope she will come to my sangeet at least!!!!

¬one more update one of my friend actually got inspired by my blog (can u believe that)…m sure he was drunk when he read my blog…anyways in 2 years of my stint as software engineer i learnt that never miss a chance to take the now u cant deny that SATU..I was the inspiration..or you thought this poor world needs better blogs after reading mine…watever…..bhool na jana..IT WAS ME!!!


Though my relationship with my luck is as bad as salman’s friendhip with vivek oberoi…. people do have luck on their side…I know one of my friend’s friend who is also marwari bumped into a gal on orkut and guess what? they agreed for biggest (unavoidable) tragedy in mankind ..they got hitched….waise de had nice “gharwale-nahi-manege-chalo-bhag-chale” syndrome running high..and had to go for secret marriage it all settled well.You see u can find a life partner if u look like uday chopra (minus rich dad yash chopra) ,your accent is more pathetic then shohaib akhatar and you dance like sunny deol do join this site called ORKUT…u never no u might find a gal who ignore all this and just give in for the little golden heart u have… :)

i was munching on my orkut and was half way through ki…TAMBI came…..

” was orkut.”
“Sir we have even better dish for you on our menu… try it”
“But I am full…orkut is enough for me”
“No sir u must try it…. half of the world likes it..its even better than orkut…if you don’t try this you will be missing something in your life..its called facebook”
ohh no not again……:(
“Anyways..get me facebook in dessert wen I am finish with this delicious orkut… :P”

..till den… :)


Vista Sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1) Hardware doesn’t run well on Vista (even new hardware)

2) The new security of Vista is overkill most of the time, being prompted for every little thing is bad enough but Vista even labels existing applications as suspicious.

3) Lack of drivers for older and newer hardware.

4) Power options do not change automatically for laptops depending on whether you are plugged or unplugged from a power source.

5) The Start Menu has been redone with a completely different look, unfortunately it is hard to navigate and find what you are looking for.

6) Rebooting a Vista machine is supposed to be faster, but it actually takes longer to reboot than XP.

7) The much talked about Aero UI is great to look at, but with all the resources it takes just to run it all you will be able to do is look at it and not actually work on your pc.

8 ) The many different versions of Vista will be confusing to some basic computer users who are not sure of what exactly they need so in the end they will probably figure more expensive means better and pay for a version they don’t need in the first place.

9) Horrible graphics performance that was not an issue with XP.

10) Although the look is “improved” basic functions like add/remove programs are hard to find.

11) VPN doesn’t work correctly, even though there are a few work arounds for this it is still not an easy process.

12) Software that is supposed to be windows compatible shuts down randomly.

13) Firefox runs ten times better than IE7 in vista.

14) The sidebar is another resource hog.

15) Readyboost seems like a good idea if you can get it to work.

16) DVD playback through windows media player or media center lacks quality.

17) Minor changes to hardware may prevent the system to boot up.

18) No “open with” when right clicking on a file.

The 39 dollar experiment

hey frndz,
i came across this site last year its about a person with crazy thought n productive idea.
i really like the way he thought of it n implemented that too n got da sucess.
tom luke is tha name his n american.The basic idea of his experiment is to send request to random companies while askin for freebies.he spend $39 dollar on it n he almost got $200 worth freebies+coupons.
just have a look at his experiment

” Ideas are more powerful than guns. We would not let our enemies have guns, why should we let them have ideas “-Franz Werfel