And you thought I am doomed.

Also I would like to clarify that this is not a book review site but you can see that the challenge has brought me back to my beloved blog. I get random ideas to write new post but if I don’t have computer near me the ideas get lost in between (I don’t really like typing on my phone, you see).

Also the life has been too hectic these days, new job has been consuming all the time and first time ever in my life I am working on few weekends as well, not good I say. Soon I will be completing a year at the new company, may be after that I will be able to fix those things. Wont be able to find first company love again, I guess. :!

Also, you guys don’t visit my blog or you are ashamed to like my fb blog link? If that’s the case then I totally understand.:P because In public even I don’t acknowledge this blog. Anyways taking my chances by putting the link here, just in case if you have been listening to to many bappy da songs!

Also, for the whole year I forgot to mention that I was in Australia last year for a month long work trip, Its a nice country. Also met an old acquaintance in Melbourne and she really made me feel at home and as a friend. It was heart warming! Couldn’t stop raving about her to our mutual friends when I came back.

Also got to see bit of Australia and it was lovely and met few warm Ozzie people. Let me also mention that every Ozzie guy is at least 6 inch taller and 20 KG heavier than me. Every second guys is east Asian in Melbourne, every third guys is Indian and every taxi driver is a Punjabi. You can always feel at home in that city.

Also they don’t use water jets in Toilet!


Moving On…

Cheers to a new year and another chance for us to get it right.

-Oprah Winfrey

Wow! Its year end. And what an year It has been for me; both personally and professionally. I got 3 Certification done and also got married to a lovely gal. I can die without any regrets now. :P Just kidding.

I wanted to write a pre-marriage post in Nov end but couldn’t make it after all those shopping and exam preparation( Ye, I gave an important exam 4 days before my wedding and cleared it too. :)) . So here I am writing this down before this year ends.

I wanted to touch at least 100 post mark by this year end but couldn’t manage to do so. The second half of year has been very unproductive and you all know why But hopefully will achieve that milestone in new year.

Happy New Year

Happy New Year

Again I don’t have much to say Its been a wonderful year for me and I hope coming one is even brighter. Wishing you a lovely year ahead.

Signing off with a small conversation between gal and me.

In a bus journey: She is in all romantic mood and thinking about something with her head in my lap and then she asks.

Gal : When did you decide you want to be an engineer?

Me : *Looking around. Is that for me?* know what? hmm..well…hmmm… I don’t know. Just went with the flow and my friends.

Gal : Oh! Ok.

Me : N (Her Name).

Gal : Yes.

Me : When did you decide that you want to do hmm…nothing in your life?

Cant continue with the story, too violent for family audience of my blog. In short she doesn’t like PJs anymore.

Ok. I know that doesn’t sound funny or intelligent either But trust me it was one of the most funny situation I have been into. Her expression was priceless.

Just two words before I go : Keep it Real! *wink*

P.S : Wrote first half on 31st Dec, Hence.

Back without a vengeance

Its been more than 3 years since I wrote my first post but till day I haven’t learned the art of writing a coherent post. Mostly, it gets very tricky for me to choose a topic on which I should write. I like to post random thing with each para or may be which each line. It’s difficult for me to write a post focusing on a single topic. Its a complicated business.

Lets start with a good news, Around a month back yours truly got his appraisal letter and guess what? Due promotion was given. Lady luck I say, But many people around him haven’t got what they desired (some deserved as well, but that’s subjective), So rate of putting down paper is higher than rate of no of allegation against Mr. Kalmadi, with each passing day. People are moving out for better prospects, for the new beginning and its not a pleasing experience as many friends are leaving. This is my first company (technically second) and I loved liked my tenure here and I think it will last for longer period. May be I am satisfied or simply lazy.

On other note, When I first started my journey[link] to find the right match for me I never knew I will end up with such a lovely person. I just love her voice , what she says, the way she smile, she is a beautiful soul and makes me wonder will I ever be as good as she is? I hated it when she cried once, indirectly I was the reason ( She doesn’t agree though). And I hated myself for that, for making her cry. But I will never let that happen again. I hope things wont change once we tie the knot. I cant see her crying even once.

Meanwhile preparation for fat Indian wedding still in slow motion. GLOT[link] has been booked, And groom has reluctantly agreed to dance as well but it has been found that bride is a good dancer . I think I will get a cold feet on sangeet night but I guess as long as I don’t loose my sanity or my pajama on stage, It should be fine. :)

I am writing after a long time and this is not what you expect from me but that’s how it is. I am not in right frame of mind (read as tired, sleepy and hungry ) to type this post, but when something has to be it has to be. I hope you are doing well and don’t unsubscribe my blog if you find this post rubbish and pathetic.

Wrap Up

You don’t know what future holds but you know who holds the future. Go for it!!
– Read somewhere

TwentyTen is here and everybody is listing down all the thing which was worth mentioning on his or her blog. Every tv channel has come up with the worst and best of the year. So here I am, trying to remember what made me happy in 2009 and what was so pathetic about the year gone by. But I hardly remember things and to recollect best and worst of last 365 days is tough. Lets try!!

This has been the year where I got my blog some real readers. Not to mention the fact that I spammed their blogs so much with my comments so they had no other choice but to comment on my blog, and also we can overlook the fact that I did so much of self-promotion on my various social networking sites that it can even put rakhi sawant’s PR agency to shame. But it was wonderful year for my blog.

Not only I got a neck for writing (I know its debatable) posts but also discovered some fantastic blogs (from where I copy without giving them the credit) around the blogosphere. Its so wonderful to read about life of people whom you don’t know but you connect. You connect at human level and you feel for them.

Its been a not so bad year professionally. I got decent salary hike ( lets not talk about a colleague who left the company in march and has precisely double the salary if you compare with me ). I switched to different technology which was a welcome change. Lost some friends at workplace because they left for various reasons. Didn’t make many new friends though. Still no complains about 2009 per se.

At personal level there are many things which happened but right now my lips are sealed and twentyten should give me the right opportunity to discuss them here, hopefully!!!

Coming back to blog one of my post got selected by blogadda as tangy tuesday pick and it felt good. Although they mentioned the fact that they choose my post because it was probably one of the first review to be live about chetan bhagat’s latest book, Its ok yaar. Fame or bad fame all is well. On a random note this is my 40th post of the year and its moment of joy. You will understand the importance of this number if you have ever studied in a mumbai engineering college.

Some of the post I wanted to write but coudn’t make it :
-On Doordarshan for completing 50 years
-On gandhi jayanti
-On my Birthday
-On 3idiots review
-On ruchika’s case and few more…

Talking about resolution. I don’t believe in such things, never made any but will try to keep my birthday resolution of not losing my temper and always smile, lets see how it goes, may be i should watch India TV for mental relief and for healthier lungs. And on slightly offbeat and unrealistic thought may be I can get rid of that pouch and get 6 packs. Sounds good?

So this was about the year. And today, I will welcome the new year indoors or will just sleep it off. Whats your plan, what you did? Do share. And fill the poll coming up on next post.

Wishing you a wonderful and amazing New Year ladies and gentlemen :)

Bday, Marriage, Mom and Spams

You know whats worst than losing your GF to your best friend? Whats more ridicules than demotion at end of the year? Whats more disgusting than salman khan movies? Whats more stupid than watching big boss3? what is more painful than reading this blog? If your answer is NO then You have never used a rediffmail spam filter. And trust me you are very lucky. But as always life has been unfair to me and I do have account on rediff and Its spam filter sucks more than himeshzzz movies. After specifically putting N number of ids under spam and blocking them I still get mails from those ids again and again. I mean my 3 year nephew can write a better code to block spams than those at rediff. I wonder if rediff engineers are from mumbai university, quite possible I say. Its been more than 6 months . One of the sample spam mail

From : Dr Frank Saidu

Summary of mail : Someone is dead and he left his million dollar booty for me. And all I need to do is send 1/4th of amount to mr frank.

But all of you know I don’t have that kind of money so if anyone is interested in above offer can contact me. You send me that money and half of the sum is yours. No really. Its your last chance to be millionaire.

Well there are 3576 more mails ranging from ‘pleasure in bed’ to ‘fake sarah palin skin purses’ . Let me know guys if you are interested in any of these , shall forward those mails to you (just 5% commision I charge).

So you must be thinking I will continue this post with follow-up I had with rediff people and how I got all this fixed, But no I would rather end this post by telling you about the mysore dosa I had on sunday at D.P’s matunga.

Well after longest period I had a wonderful chat session with my mom on saturday and it was superb (If we just cut out the part where she criticized my dressing sense). It was fascinating to see sparks in her eyes when she told me some incident about her childhood, the determination when she narrated the tough time she had at various stages of her life. Its so surprising to know that I know so little about the woman in my life who knows everything about me, almost (lets not count those files on my hard drive and those night outs). Should have more such session with her, I guess.

Between last 2 post many things have happened that kept me away from this blog. My handsome old pal got married to a beautiful lady and I attended all the functions. It was amazing to marry off a friend. I literally lost him, But I am happy for the guy. I used to wonder how he liked movies like ‘dhoom’ and ‘kyu..ho gaya na’ but it all came down to me when he proposed to his lady love at ring ceremony and sang a song in his deep voice ( note : we used to call him bevda because of his voice only) It was filmy but so touching, I must admit. But it will take whole collection of yashraj films for a sadu like me to even utter those 3 letter. Now one of the side effect of getting a guy married in all-guy gang is you wont see him again on saturdays, at least for an year. Because after a year he will call us to meet on saturdays, wanna bet? other side effect is we no longer can call him bevda.*sigh*

More updates, I have completed 1/4th of a century on 13th of this month. Yes, I am officially old now. 25th b’day spent in some unusual manner which I shall reveal when it should be revealed. If you are still reading then you can wish me for wasting 25 years without a hitch.

Now I wanna make this a long post but I am already bored of all the stuff I have written and I assume even you are bored of reading these silly, casual and uninteresting stuff about me. So give your eyes some rest and shut the damm PC off.

Not wishing you a happy new year as I plan to come up with a post before new year. and ye merry X’mas.

Till den :D
*********added later*******************
update : Edited some ‘your’ to ‘you are’, ‘days’ to ‘day’, ‘than’ to ‘then’ and vice versa, few more stuff. After reading the piece I realized How horrible it would have been for you guys :P. I am sure few more corrections pending :)

My Experiment with Freebies

After typing ‘there’ instead of ‘their’, ‘right’ instead of ‘write’ in last two post I am back with one more post which is equally low in grammatical sense. I would have said that ki bhavnao ko samjho and as long as you get the message I want to communicate it shouldn’t be a problem but sadly most of the post doesn’t have that also. So all I can say shamelessly is ki yes my angrezi sucks and my IQ is as disgusting as upen patels looks. So we cant help on that front.

One more thing I would like to confess is that ki I love freebies. Anything, just anything (even your advice) if its free I am game for it. So this post dedicated to all the companies/people who gave me free colas to free dvd’s, to the guys who gave me enuf worthy ideas to sit in the couch and reach out to those gift vouchers. I owe you this one.

39 Dollar experiment :[link]

Back in 2006 I saw this site called 39dollarexperiment and I loved the whole idea. I posted about the same a while back [link] .Tom sent 100 post cards to 100 random companies asking if they can give him some freebies How lazy someone can get? The whole experiment cost him some 39+ dollars and he got freebies worth 200+ dollars including that cool BMW key-chain. It sound insane but it worked.

And yours truly being yours truly tried the same idea with minimal input cost. I e-mailed the requests. I copy-pasted (I am an engineer. Copy paste is in my blood) request of tom and e-mailed it to many companies. Most of them didn’t replied and some replied with buy-them-kiddo message, But guess what I got an envelope from skoda motors which had a desk calender, personal diary and a skoda key-chain. I felt good.

Mystery Shopping :[link]

Mystery Shopping

Mystery Shopping

Its popular concept in west. They have N number of mystery shopping business ventures. I saw a cnbc news capsule back in 2006 (ye you guessed it right, in 2006 I was vella). A camera moving around a shopping mall focusing on a rear of a girl who was shopping. She was a mystery shopper. She said because of mystery shopping she could afford a BMW , a duplex flat in vile parle and an all paid trip to europe. I jumped of my seat I decided that this is the thing I want to do whole my life . At that moment I got my lakshya. I googled the whole thing up and found a company who handles mystery shopping for many Indian companies. I registered on their site and did a mystery shopping for a sony ericsson phone.

It was fun!! I liked the whole exercise. And I got paid 300 for a 30 minutes work. Yes that BMW story is fabricated by yours truly.heh. But I liked the concept its cool idea to review shops for different companies and get paid in the bargain. You will be paid anywhere between INR 300 to 1000 for a 30-60 minutes work. And if you enjoy shopping unlike me It will be added thing for you.

BigFlix Offer :[link]

Big Flix

Big Flix

It doesn’t fall exactly under this category as they have this seasonal offer. Recently I tried 15 days free trial from BigFlix, which included unlimited number of dvd for 15 days as long as you have only one DVD at any given point of time. Although I was tempted to continue the subscription which would have cost me 375 a month, I didn’t. You see spending half of your salary on some movie rental scheme is not such a good idea, as my financial planner suggested. But you can go ahead and try it . They still have 15 days free trial on. I would recommend you try this one. They have decent stock of all the hollywood and bollywood movies. And those guys deliver and pick up at free of cost. And no you don’t have to blog about it like me. Its not a promotional post.

So first time I am sharing some of the ideas which can get you those freebies. Do share your thoughts on same. And finally you can say something on this blog can be tagged as useful….:D

But if you think all this stuff is way to complicated than just subscribe to this site [link] and you should get some cool offers each friday (you must be from mumbai). I haven’t used any of them but I think they have good offers and freebies. They don’t spam so you can try it out.

If you have some cool sites similar or otherwise do share with me. And if you want Indian mystery shopping site; buzz me.

Till den… :D

Blog se yaad aaya…

You Know worst thing about writing a personal blog? Its title; You dont know what title your suppose to give when you want to tell everything from not-happening-appraisal to the new pair of shoe you bought. From stupid collegue to even stupider movie you saw last week-end. So I wanna advice you not to go by the title of the post and waste your time here. Instead you can see a program on global warming on NDTV.

Waise TV se yaad aaya….Couple of weeks back I was watching a channel called ‘Headlines Today’ *things I do for my blog you see* and there ace anchor broke into the monologue of how disasters the swine flu gonna be and how important its not to panic. The anchor has only one briefing that dont allow studio guest to speak so here it goes….

Doc: I think we shoudn’t panic…

AA(Ace Anchor dude) : *cut the crap* Doc tell me if person doesnt show any sympotms of swine flu; Should he take Tamiflu?

Doc : errr..if you dont show symptoms….

AA : *Cut* Doc just tell me YES or No? *with i-am-the-ace-anchor smirk on his face*.

Doc : *cursing himself for coming on the show* NO, IF you dont show any symptoms why would…..

AA : Here you have it; Exclusively on our channel that if you dont show any symptoms dont take tamiflu.

Now such kind of news reporting make me sick. And I just took 2 tablets of saridon. It felt better.

Waise Sick se yaad aaaya….I saw a movie called ‘Final Destination 4’ and I thought that movie was kinda sick. People were killed like mosquito every now and then. It had all the weird method in the world to kill people; from flying cylinder to flying tyres which can knock your head-off. And to top it all this whole exercise made me 200 bucks poorer. I never watched a movie with price tag of 200!!!!

Waise movie se yaad aaya..I saw one more movie last week called kaminey. To say the least I was disoppointed with vishal, after churning out movies like makdi,maqbul and omkara. Kaminey was kind of mediocore. I didnt enjoy it much. Priyanka was good and amol gupte was too good.

Waise good se yaad aaya….I am on twitter and I won this cool t-shirt and a cool mug from channel V for dont-do-anything contest. Just register and you can win. So from school time frog-races to college singing competition it is the first time I won. You see things you miss if you dont follow me on twitter. Its your last chance. Its @allthecrap on twitter valid till end of this month. limited period offer!!! Just follow me and you could win a mini-mayawati statue.

channel v t shirt, Mug awaited

channel v t shirt, Mug awaited

Waise competition se yaad aaya…..I saw couple of episode of KKK level2 and I kinda liked it; although without make-up its diff to like any of the gal on show, I loved bruna abdulla . She is pretty and cute. But before I could say she was sexy too. She is out of the show. Life is so unfair. Bahut buri baat hai.

Waise baat(h) se yaad aaya I have’t taken a bath since morning and before my mom decide that I am too unhygenic to take dinner and must skip it. I should go and take a bath. Things I do for dinner.

Dinner se yaad aaya…whats on you menu tonight?