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You know I like telling people that I am very busy and I don’t get time to keep in touch but in reality I think I am plane lazy.

Its been longest time between two posts since I started blogging actively . Reason? Obviously I was busy with so many things. You see Getting married is not easy specially if you belong to a Marwari family. Marriage preparation, even tougher.

As I get ready to tie the knot with the lovely lady and add another example in long list of people like Vinod Kambli, Let me tell you Its not easy getting done with the marriage preparation. From Phoolwala to Catering guy, from Photographer to Godiwalas all are in demand for ‘shaadi’ season and increase in their rates (from the last time I got my sister married) is inversely proportional to number of hair I got left on my head.

Great Indian Wedding

Great Indian Wedding

And yes the GLOT is back and with a vengeance of course and he is giving me a hard time with all the dance moves, way tougher than the last time [link] . I think he read that post. I know I am yet to upload that dance video as promised but i have the CD with me but no software to cut the clip (Yes, I am an engineer.) So if you can suggest(with link) me a good software that can cut clip from a VCD/DVD , Next post will be that video. I have tried to install the VCD cutter from but it has some Spyware. Please help.

That’s not all, the toughest part is buying clothes for the wedding. I have already bought 3 dresses with so much of glitter and brightness that it can put both Govinda and Chanki Pandey to shame. And we have just started shopping. Long way to go baby.

No wonder Indian men hardly marry twice. One wedding is enough. And after spending so much of money and time, they have no other choice but to stick with the same girl. :P

Life’s been good to me. How about you?

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Back without a vengeance

Its been more than 3 years since I wrote my first post but till day I haven’t learned the art of writing a coherent post. Mostly, it gets very tricky for me to choose a topic on which I should write. I like to post random thing with each para or may be which each line. It’s difficult for me to write a post focusing on a single topic. Its a complicated business.

Lets start with a good news, Around a month back yours truly got his appraisal letter and guess what? Due promotion was given. Lady luck I say, But many people around him haven’t got what they desired (some deserved as well, but that’s subjective), So rate of putting down paper is higher than rate of no of allegation against Mr. Kalmadi, with each passing day. People are moving out for better prospects, for the new beginning and its not a pleasing experience as many friends are leaving. This is my first company (technically second) and I loved liked my tenure here and I think it will last for longer period. May be I am satisfied or simply lazy.

On other note, When I first started my journey[link] to find the right match for me I never knew I will end up with such a lovely person. I just love her voice , what she says, the way she smile, she is a beautiful soul and makes me wonder will I ever be as good as she is? I hated it when she cried once, indirectly I was the reason ( She doesn’t agree though). And I hated myself for that, for making her cry. But I will never let that happen again. I hope things wont change once we tie the knot. I cant see her crying even once.

Meanwhile preparation for fat Indian wedding still in slow motion. GLOT[link] has been booked, And groom has reluctantly agreed to dance as well but it has been found that bride is a good dancer . I think I will get a cold feet on sangeet night but I guess as long as I don’t loose my sanity or my pajama on stage, It should be fine. :)

I am writing after a long time and this is not what you expect from me but that’s how it is. I am not in right frame of mind (read as tired, sleepy and hungry ) to type this post, but when something has to be it has to be. I hope you are doing well and don’t unsubscribe my blog if you find this post rubbish and pathetic.

What’s Yours ?

The better half

The better half

Some of the reactions after I got engaged.

Dad : Finally!!!
Mine : Yes, daddy I did it.

Mom : She is lil short, no?
Mine : No.

Boss : I hope you don’t take personal calls during working hours.
Mine : :(

Friends : Sale ki lottery nikal gayi.
Mine : lol.

Male Office friends : Kamina dye laga ke gaya hoga balo me.
Mine : Nod.

Female Office friends : Really!? Poor girl.
Mine : lol.

Whats yours?

PS : It is fourth back to back ‘Game Over’ posts, too many?
Still collecting data for DIs TAG, not sure will be able to make it.

Rules of Engagement

I can see multiple number of people in my friend list on social networking sites getting committed/engaged AKA doomed, and their relationship is now in public knowledge. Hence I thought of putting down some of the hazards/rules of getting engaged (Specially for male species).
Here you go.

– Every call you make in office/restaurant/loo will be suspected as a call to your future spouse. Even when you are listening about some home loan scheme from a husky female voice at the other end.

– Shades and size of dark circles will be inversely proportional to call charges. Cheaper the charges darker and bigger the circle would be.

– Archie’s gift shop guy will remember you by name.

– Your screen saver, wallpaper will have ONE picture.

– Her number will on speed dial but you won’t have to use it because It will be always on the redial list. Needless to say you will have her number by heart.

– Don’t be surprised when you realized that last time you met your friends over a dinner when she was out of town or she had plan with her friends.

– No, She doesn’t look fat. Not even in that red dress. Don’t even try. You will be dead meat.

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Picture abhi baki hai dost…

And you thought I am dead.

So How you have been? From the last post you know I am engaged to a lovely girl. And its turning out to be the most sound decision of my life. Not sure about her decision though. She is great and in comparison, she is awesome.

Did I tell you the good part? I am learning many new things, from handling those shopping bags to paying a hefty tips to waiter (whose paycheck is surely more than mine) at upmarket restaurants, asking ticket window guy to give me the corner seat for whichever movies its available for. Nodding at every request she make and giving ‘Its-ok-honey’ look whenever she is late by couple of hours. Fighting with my bank to increase my credit limit to avoid embarrassing situations, talking on the phone through the night till your morning alarm start ringing. Sharing your last scoop of ice-cream. Its bliss.

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Game Over : Beginning of an end? – II

So from the last post you already know that guy was desperate and ready to mingle with anything that looked like a nice girl, nice girl? as if he had a choice. Never mind.

Though the guy had crush on a girl from the EXTC class,(non-engineers don’t stress your self about EXTC thing, just carry on) he couldn’t muster up enough courage to go up to her and tell what he thought about her seductive looks and short height. The perfect figure she had. The devilish smile she always wore. The pink dress in which she looked better that dia mirza.Days Years passed, the guy was a total fattu. He couldn’t even get himself introduced to her. The girl moved on (she didn’t know that said guy ever existed) and like any every other good looking girl she paired up with a guy who looked like cross between upen patel and rajpal yadav. Destiny I say, something are never meant for you.

The story remains the same from the last post; he was single and bored. He thought the internet can be a good idea to find the girl ( you have read this here ) even shoaib malik has used that. But even after sending 100s of fraandship request on orkut and stalking yahoo chat rooms, all he got was some gay (who pretended as gal) and some indonesian chicks as his friends.

He played his moves badly, he was aging, hair shedding. He tried his final rescue. He asked his parents to find a girl for him. They were skeptical whether they will find a girl for me, they had their doubts and rightly so. But they need to make a move as well, So the hunt began.

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Game Over : Beginning of an end?

You know what? when I was a kid, I used to hate girls. Not because they used to cry at every leg or hair pulling session but they used to suck at every game we guys played, every guy will agree on that.  Still they always wanted to play with us. I thought they better be playing with their barbie doll rather than trying to score a run in a whole inning. So basically as a child we(I and other boys) tried to ignore girls. Big mistake, I say! My whole school life went thinking that girls are boring, stupid and cry babies. I never wanted to play any games with the girls and that was it and it remained same till I graduated to my college.

Around second year in junior college It struck me, that something was changing in me. yes I was on initial stage of puberty (Ya, I was late). You know the time when you started looking at girls with different perspective. The girls are not silly any more, they are cute, adorable, sexy, hot but not silly. You know the time when those ‘curves’ start making sense to you? You know the time when you need extra pocket money because you have more facial hair than your younger brother? You know when you are exited enough to send a cute (read lame) shayari note on friendship, saree, rose or any other lets-celebrate day and fattu enough to not to mention your name on that note? I was in that phase.

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