Kareeb: The amateur love story

While watching one of my favorite show on teevee i.e.’Total Recall’ ‘ on Times Now, I came across images of Booby Deol with long curly hair and it reminded me of my all time favorite love story ‘Kareeb’. I thought I will try to write down why I like that movie so much.

I have mentioned on this blog before that this Vidhu Vinod Chopra creation is lovely little love story between two young adults from a small town and has a special part in my heart.

I think I saw the movie when I was in 8th std on Doordarshan and instantly fell in love with both the characters of Bobby and Neha. The goofy Booby with his amateurish acting skills and Neha with that everlasting smile.

Bobby was new and bit raw at that time. He acted his part so well, a small town boy, from a middle class business family. He is care less, irresponsible and gets his kicks from telling lies. He roam around the town eating hand full of peanuts from his front pocket.

Neha is beautiful girl, with that rare old world charm and her smile is to die for. She is from poor family and lives with her windowed mother.

And I won’t narrate the story here but Bobby makes her fall in love and on weeding day it all goes kaput for the love birds because of a small lie by Bobby.

The movie works for me because the characters are not perfect and very believable. The not so superior acting skills of leading couple adds a charm to the characters they play.
I think same movie with established actor would have failed to impress me.

The movie has lovely mushy moments and a good dose of comical relief. Love, Pain, humor in right amount of mixture.

The remaining cast is superb, from aggressive Saurabh Shukla to
Funny Johney lever. The cinematography is beautiful and every frame is picture perfect.

The music needs a special mention here, Anu Malik has done super job with ‘ha judaai is darta hai dil’ and ‘chori chori’.

I haven’t seen any other movie directed by Mr. Chopra but I think this is his best. I don’t think he will make a better movie than this one.

What is your favorite Bollywood love story and why?


Blog se yaad aaya…

You Know worst thing about writing a personal blog? Its title; You dont know what title your suppose to give when you want to tell everything from not-happening-appraisal to the new pair of shoe you bought. From stupid collegue to even stupider movie you saw last week-end. So I wanna advice you not to go by the title of the post and waste your time here. Instead you can see a program on global warming on NDTV.

Waise TV se yaad aaya….Couple of weeks back I was watching a channel called ‘Headlines Today’ *things I do for my blog you see* and there ace anchor broke into the monologue of how disasters the swine flu gonna be and how important its not to panic. The anchor has only one briefing that dont allow studio guest to speak so here it goes….

Doc: I think we shoudn’t panic…

AA(Ace Anchor dude) : *cut the crap* Doc tell me if person doesnt show any sympotms of swine flu; Should he take Tamiflu?

Doc : errr..if you dont show symptoms….

AA : *Cut* Doc just tell me YES or No? *with i-am-the-ace-anchor smirk on his face*.

Doc : *cursing himself for coming on the show* NO, IF you dont show any symptoms why would…..

AA : Here you have it; Exclusively on our channel that if you dont show any symptoms dont take tamiflu.

Now such kind of news reporting make me sick. And I just took 2 tablets of saridon. It felt better.

Waise Sick se yaad aaaya….I saw a movie called ‘Final Destination 4’ and I thought that movie was kinda sick. People were killed like mosquito every now and then. It had all the weird method in the world to kill people; from flying cylinder to flying tyres which can knock your head-off. And to top it all this whole exercise made me 200 bucks poorer. I never watched a movie with price tag of 200!!!!

Waise movie se yaad aaya..I saw one more movie last week called kaminey. To say the least I was disoppointed with vishal, after churning out movies like makdi,maqbul and omkara. Kaminey was kind of mediocore. I didnt enjoy it much. Priyanka was good and amol gupte was too good.

Waise good se yaad aaya….I am on twitter and I won this cool t-shirt and a cool mug from channel V for dont-do-anything contest. Just register and you can win. So from school time frog-races to college singing competition it is the first time I won. You see things you miss if you dont follow me on twitter. Its your last chance. Its @allthecrap on twitter valid till end of this month. limited period offer!!! Just follow me and you could win a mini-mayawati statue.

channel v t shirt, Mug awaited

channel v t shirt, Mug awaited

Waise competition se yaad aaya…..I saw couple of episode of KKK level2 and I kinda liked it; although without make-up its diff to like any of the gal on show, I loved bruna abdulla . She is pretty and cute. But before I could say she was sexy too. She is out of the show. Life is so unfair. Bahut buri baat hai.

Waise baat(h) se yaad aaya I have’t taken a bath since morning and before my mom decide that I am too unhygenic to take dinner and must skip it. I should go and take a bath. Things I do for dinner.

Dinner se yaad aaya…whats on you menu tonight?

What Women Want !?

“A man gives many question marks, however, a woman is a whole mystery.” ~Diana Stürm

Disclaimer : No ex-president, behenji or dog has been hurt in process of writing this post. But if you didn’t like manjari fadnis’s ‘who is this?’ track in JTJN or in other words if you don’t have low level of sense of humor . I would advice you to stay away from this post.

As I sat down to demystify biggest question mankind ever faced ;My attention was drawn to my cell phone which was flashing vodafone alert ( without subscription ) .

“What your belly Button says about you ? click ok to know more!”

At first it sounds like a routine question prepared by a HSC grad working in some KPO for vodafone who failed to get a good college because he couldn’t remove cheats from his undies because his fly got locked at the nth hour but if you think twice it has deeper meaning. Actually I know what my belly button says about me . It says instead of writing this lousy blog I should get a life. I should walk 7 mile a day and should re-join my aerobic class. I should order for low fat pizza instead of cheese-burst variant. But who cares ? I believe :

“No diet will remove all the fat from your body because the brain is entirely fat. Without a brain, you might look good, but all you could do is run for public office.”

And I don’t wanna run for public office. You must have guessed why? Because I hate running!!!

What women want?

what women want?

You are still here? that’s interesting. You really wanna know what women want ? Don’t ya! Who doesn’t? But from this blog of a 20+ year old chap (24 years..is too scary!) ? who thinks celebrating valentine days is for losers . Who thinks emotions are more important than price tags. Who thinks salman khan sucks and who doesn’t know how girls manage to get their nail-polish matched with their ear-rings everyday.

To start with I never understood what ‘real’ women wants. That’s because I am an engineer. That too from mumbai university. If you have been through same 4 years stint you will know; we engineers don’t know how a beautiful girl look like. In engineering days whoever got MC assignment done first was the most beautiful person. Mind you ! No gender discrimination. Actually very few good gals opt for science. And all those gals either studious or total dumb, So the former goes to medical colleges and latter do their re-search in B.Sc. So all we engineers get is mediocre crowd. So any person who remotely looks like a gal is beautiful. One of my engineer friend thinks even bobby darling doesn’t look that bad. And that says it all.*sigh*

Well! I don’t know much about what women want but as true blogger who is totally dedicated to his regular readers; Have done a little research to find out what women want. The ages old secret which has been kept under the carpet, over the roof and behind the flush tank should be out. Well that’s what my intention are but I am an optimist I think more and work less.

I did a little behind-the-door public interview with some of my so called friends to find out the answer of eternal question. These people have been there and done that so I assumed they can show me the path to the woman’s mind.

I started with sallu (aka Shirtless khan) I call him with pet name…my pet has the same name so…

Me : Sallu yaar, from bijlanis to kats. Tune itni duniya dekhi , tell me what women want?

Sallu( in his boston meets bandra accent) : Are yaar mujhe pata hota to itni duniya dekhta me? Vinod kambli ki tarah ek hi baar me settle na ho jata me?

ME : Tell na buddy , So many women you have in your life, You must be knowing the secret ,huh?

Sallu : No ideaa men, My mom wants ki me shaadi karlu, My kam wali bai wants ki me ghar pe to shirt pehnu , Kats want do 15 more movie with akki before she settles. No idea men what women want?!

After this I went to bebo aka size Zero.

Me : Bebo you are a woman; you should know what woman wants, na?

Bebo (Looking sideways ) : Size zero, huh?

Me : I am talking in general, Even about those women who don’t want to wear bikini. BTW why you switched from lovely-kid shahid to oldy saif?

Bebo(Rolling her eyes) : Well, Size matters..err..I mean experience matters. Saifu is more mature. He knows diff YOGA-ASAN as well.

Me : Ohh, Now I know why shahid missed the train .

But Yours truly couldn’t stop here. Sometimes failure teaches you more than success. So I thought of asking some people who couldn’t make it. No I am not talking about uday chopra or tushar kapoor . Some veterans who couldn’t make it.

The indian Rupert Grint aka ex-President.

Me : Hello Sir.
IRG (try to see me through his hair blinkers) : Hello young boy, You are from that airlines? came with an apology letter?

Me : I am afraid I am not. I just came to ask you a simple question sir. what women want?

IRG (bit disappointed , bit angry) : You are a young boy, You should be building india’s future and look what you are doing.

Me : Well, Sir all I want to know is what women want and then I will leave, right away.

IRG : I don’t know what women want; But all I can say is do visit your hair dresser regularly. It will increase your chances.

Then I moved to women of fat faith.

Behnji aka behnji.

ME : Madam , What women want?

Behnji : which women? No women or men can ask for anything till I get 420 statue of manayawar and me in the state.

ME : I mean what every women wants?

Behnji : I want statue!!!

I rest my case.

I failed, I still couldn’t analyze what this conversation lead to. What does a women want ? A husband who knows how to wear a shirt or who know diff yoga-asan. A guy with a decent hair cut or who can build her statue on every corner of the road?

I don’t know what women want, do you?

And don’t ask me what men want?..because the answer is


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Barely Readable

Enough is enough; I think this guy is a gone case. At the start of the week he promised me that he would write a funny post. Funny post means something for which you can miss funny riots like ‘Yamlok ka dwar’ on india tv and ‘Rakhi ka swayamwar’ on NDTV Imagine. But now the nut is saying his feeling depressed and wants to write something really sad, which will generate some sympathy for the poor soul (specially from a particular gender) and will get some real much needed traffic on this blog and all the gals going ‘poor boy’ and telling him to cheer up. But As real men I declined that; I never liked ‘choo chweet’ and ‘how cute’ stuff all my life.

As Yours truly aka allthecrap is just back from a screening of KKTH meets DDLJ meets KANK and busy analysing the movie ;I am writing down this post. Let me introduce myself I am 7th split personality of author of this blog. You can call me the-smart-ass, the-legend or something like this , but that must be kewl.

Allthecrap status : wondering wat went wrong with the movie.

See I dont waste my time on such stupid films which comes up with warning which says ‘Keep tissue paper handy’ , and I dont like everything which has anything to do with tissues in anycase.; I prefer water. I like movies which involves mar-dhad ; hero kicking villain that is. But 9 out of all of us disagrees with me *sigh*. Most of them like funny movies; they are waiting for ‘shotgun murugun’ and some of them are waiting for ‘kaminey’ .

allthecrap status : Pritam was good..dialogues very crispy..may be acting was flat. Things were not realistic enough or may be heroines were too tall.

In these recession days its scrary to give a hint to your boss that you have that solitaire on minimize mode whenever he comes to meet ya and you cant leave at 3 also. So last week authors 3rd split personality discovered many new blogs and funny sites to keep himself busy till 6 pm on working days. But nut wont share those blogs with you; because copying endless content from same old blogs was geting bit tuff so here he can copy all new once till they are discovered by ppl so till then giving away those seems like a big mistake.

allthecrap status : no bollywood movie is realistic and no heroine is shorter than saif; but this one was not convincing enough, I guess. Wat this guy is doing on my lapy …shit!!!!!

Please ignore all the above stuff its just my alter ego got hold of this and I just dont wanna delete wat he has written but its all baseless and untrue. I did try to put a good post all week but coudnt manage to make a sensible one and on friday when I thought I will put some seriously funny stuff I was shattered by two information , One was bit personal and other one was publicaly personal.

First reason : I can just say, Truth hearts and sply when you cant do anything about it . Second reason: Rakhi declared that she gonna choose her life partner on sunday and I feel sad. Not becuase I could not be on the show but for the guy she gonna choose. ahhhhh GOD is so mean some times I tell yaa……

Love aaj kal not worth it….disappointed… :(

p.s : If you still reading ; then do check out this link . Trust me your brain deserves this after such a shitty reading.

Mere pass Maa hai!!!!!

“Cinema is the most beautiful fraud in the world.”
-Federico Fellini

As my blog almost completing 2 years of existance and after wasting too much of internet space with my 45 odd posts (i wonder how many trees they cut down in uganda so i can keep up my craps on net..global warming n stuff u c!!!…ye m learning)…i just realised that i havent written a single post on bollywood n my love for it….when i started this blog i wanted to write mainly abt things which makes every indian tick..n thats cricket n bollywood..n if ur from UP, Bihar or WB …add one more topic to the list… indian politics..tho i dont belong to this part of india..i love talking abt politicians and indian polictics n i can go on n on….that story may be some other time but for this post lets get dirty with the bollywood…

My first experience with 70mm was way back in 1990 (ye m that old)..it was ANJALI…i still remeber some scenes or would say some movie stills from the movie ..n as it was my first ..it was special..n i believe everthing we do for the first time remains special..isnt?…first day at college…first crush…first rejection…first love…first rain…first job..first salary…. even i was thrilled ….it was a movie for kids…n yours truly was kid then…:)…. so i loved wat i saw…wer i sat..the samosa i ate..the chill cola which went down my throat…..it all was so orgasmic almost….

My dad was big fan of movies too so we used to rent VCR player n watch movies… put a VHS in that small black machine and here you go in this fictitious yet so realistic world of love…. romance..drama…humour…emotions….sacrifice..anger..n wat not…its magical..the cinema…the ppl….the stars….the dialogues….the cinamatography…how actors break into one song after other……. whether its dancing n running around the bush or at villan’s den bollywood has song for every situation…from single mother in mother india enforcing her belief into her children n herself that they can survive with “Duniya me hum aaye hai “….to lustful Mr India with sridevi in “kehni thi jo dil ki baat”….they no it all….

wat makes cinema’s so attractive around the world is the pain…the worries..we all have our share of troubles…the baggage we all carry in back of our mind all the time…but the cinema makes you let go all this…..its engages you in its own small little world with its characters…. its story…. so much so that we care less care abt our worries ,our pain for those 150 mins atleast….n thats wat so unique abt this mediam that people are so crazy abt it!!!!

In particular i like bollywood movies its not that m against wat hollywood produces….but m biased!!!…i like our style..our ppl….our music… more then wat their counter-parts in hollywood has to offer.And wat makes me go crazy…. is the dialogs that indian cinema has produced like “Kaun kambakht bardasht karnay ko peeta”(original devdas)..to “zindagi zeene ke do hi tarike hote hai”(RDB)…n we all loved wat saleem-javed pair produced in 70’s and 80’s….deewar..trishul and sholey… they have all those mindbogling dialogues we still remember…..

huh…..quite a long post….???
few of my picks if you wanna make sense of wat i was saying all along this post….m listing few of my fav n less known or cult movies…bcoz abt the blockbusters you already no…

Romance :
Kareeb by vidhu vinod chopra
Mein,meri patni or wo by Chandan Arora (watch it for rajpal)
Ek hasina thi by Sriram Raghavan
Jane bhi do yarro by kundan shah
Social message and Drama:
Khuda ke liye

Some of the movies i desperately want to watch are :
Rockford by nagesh k
Kagaz ke phool by gurudatt
Hazaroo khwahishe aisie by sudhir mishra
Earth by mahesh bhatt
Salam Bombay by mira nair

n currently i wanna c two movies which are in race for oscars:
Curious case of benjamin button
The reader

N just wishing slumdog all the best.n Go get it rehman……till den :)

SM and AR

“I thank billion people from india ”
-A.R. Rahman



Alas,Rahman made it… the best bollywood music director of our time..winning golden globe.:)…and this will remain one of the high point of his career.

i thought i would watch SM in movie hall when it releases in india…but with all the hype around the movie couldnt control myself…so had to watch it on my PC.

Well nicely execute movie,great premise,awesome plot,extra-ordinary acting but a weak screen play(they won a golden globe for this) as there are many loopholes in the screenplay.

And AR brings in awesome tracks which just blends with what you see on screen ;Its not that its the best work of AR but its extra-ordinary enough to fetch him a golden globe(I think rang de.. was better label).

Overall a nice feel good movie about hope and destiny with equally good soundtrack by AR.

Movie is not worth the Hype but watch it!!!!

Movie : 3/5
Music : 4/5