About Me

Version 1.0
Just a regular guy…seeking attention

Version 1.1
I am an ordinary guy, with ordinary dreams,ordinary weight and ordinary toothbrush and without a car.I am an engineer from mumbai city. I am not a geek. I think I am in this profession just by fluke, bad fluke i.e. I like you if you are a gal. I even like guys if they have a sister who looks like priyanka chopra. Too much? OK even sania mirza will do.

I think my dimples are cute and my building watchmen agrees. I like debates. I like sev-puri over pani-puri. I am not kind of guy your mom would like. I am not a bad boy. I love nothing. I am confused. I think I had a crush on my skool history teacher. I like rains. As a mumbaiwala I don’t know what winter is. I hate shoes and salman khan movies. I love chappals.

I love indian cinema. I crack Pj’s on which nobody laughs . I am not content but I am not lonely soul either. I like being alone. I hate people who don’t keep their promises. I suck at relationships. I am not romantic. I am logical and at times cynical. I don’t know how people live life to the fullest. I think women are mentally stronger but they are illogical.

I like laughing at others expense. I think my hair style is bad, My English is worse. I hate those grey hairs. I like dusky gals. Ok!! I know I had a crush on my skool history teacher. I am sarcastic. I have visited your orkut profile without scrapping. I get bored easily. And I can bore you with more ease. I believe Grass is always greener on other side but I don’t mind brown color either.

I think everyone who says ‘I am not hypocrite’ is the biggest one. And I say ‘I am not hypocrite’. I am conscious.I think my dressing sense sucks. And my mom agrees. I need a break.I like beaches. I can’t bargain. I want to be an entrepreneur but I am afraid of the risk involved.

I think my writing sucks, But I like the little attention I get because of this blog. My dad thinks I am lazy; Well all people in the town think so. I don’t call people. I don’t have a girl-friend. I have dramatic mood swings. I loose my temper easily. I am not perfect And I don’t strive to be one because I know I cant or may be because I am too lazy.

I love books. I like fiction. I hate fantasies (In books i.e.). I like SRK but I am not gay. I like dark humour. I like salma hayek.I don’t know how to talk mushy. I cant whistle like akshay kumar.

If you are still alive and reading this I like you.I can go on writing such stupid rants till you feel sick in your stomach, But I think I should stop now. Should write more afterward because even I am bored of reading all this what I have written. I am sorry…. :P

35 thoughts on “About Me

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  3. hey u’ve got dimples ..den y do u say u’re ordinanry…
    ..even i hate pple who dnt keep promises….n i’ll try not to be “a dekho and khisko types”[:)]

  4. hey there,
    thanks for coming by my blog, just loved to read “about me”… kewl..!!! keep reading and keep posting..

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