Kareeb: The amateur love story

While watching one of my favorite show on teevee i.e.’Total Recall’ ‘ on Times Now, I came across images of Booby Deol with long curly hair and it reminded me of my all time favorite love story ‘Kareeb’. I thought I will try to write down why I like that movie so much.

I have mentioned on this blog before that this Vidhu Vinod Chopra creation is lovely little love story between two young adults from a small town and has a special part in my heart.

I think I saw the movie when I was in 8th std on Doordarshan and instantly fell in love with both the characters of Bobby and Neha. The goofy Booby with his amateurish acting skills and Neha with that everlasting smile.

Bobby was new and bit raw at that time. He acted his part so well, a small town boy, from a middle class business family. He is care less, irresponsible and gets his kicks from telling lies. He roam around the town eating hand full of peanuts from his front pocket.

Neha is beautiful girl, with that rare old world charm and her smile is to die for. She is from poor family and lives with her windowed mother.

And I won’t narrate the story here but Bobby makes her fall in love and on weeding day it all goes kaput for the love birds because of a small lie by Bobby.

The movie works for me because the characters are not perfect and very believable. The not so superior acting skills of leading couple adds a charm to the characters they play.
I think same movie with established actor would have failed to impress me.

The movie has lovely mushy moments and a good dose of comical relief. Love, Pain, humor in right amount of mixture.

The remaining cast is superb, from aggressive Saurabh Shukla to
Funny Johney lever. The cinematography is beautiful and every frame is picture perfect.

The music needs a special mention here, Anu Malik has done super job with ‘ha judaai is darta hai dil’ and ‘chori chori’.

I haven’t seen any other movie directed by Mr. Chopra but I think this is his best. I don’t think he will make a better movie than this one.

What is your favorite Bollywood love story and why?


3 thoughts on “Kareeb: The amateur love story

  1. aahhh… good old world romance… I remember liking the movie too… it was slow, yet it was sweet! and I absolutely loved the songs.. and which is my fave romantic movie… wrong question really! wayyyy too many to list :)

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