Its a special day as I complete my 100th post on this blog. I wanted to write this down around last year but as luck would have it I am writing towards end of the new year. I had great time writing this blog, At times out of compulsion , at times to kill the time, at times to grab the attention, Mostly to grab the attention I would say.

I would like to thank some of the on and off readers/commenters of this blog.

Mukta : She has been really kind in posting comments on my blog and I think she is the first regular reader I had for my blog. Also she is a no non-sense blogger, Thanks Mukta.

DI : Again she started reading my blog recently. She has been a regular one. I wouldn’t say she writes like me ( It would be an insult) but just like me she can also write a post out of nothing and make it readable ( At this point the difference comes between her and mine writing, My writing remains pathetic ). Thanks DI.

BB : I had a blogspot blog when I started blogging but I never really wrote much there and one day I landed on BB’s blog and since then I am hooked to her blog. I would say more-or-less she has been the inspiration for starting this blog. I think her about me page is the best. Thanks BB.

Pooja : Totally forgot her name, She has been quite frank in giving her feedback which she used to give (Mostly offline). Thanks Poo.

I would also like to thank some people like thesalpit, lilbrain, anjugandhi, priyanka, vikram for reading this blog every time I sent the links.

Thanks again. Should be back with a bang.


6 thoughts on “Shatak

  1. congratulations and thank you for the mention!

    I keep coming back because I find your writing to be honest. Hope you continue in the same vein :-)

    and, btw, since yours is a humour blog, does being called a ‘no nonsense’ blogger amount to ‘boring, pakau likhti hai’ ? :D

  2. Hello! I am flattered, and frankly, it was your ‘about me’ section that got me hooked to your blog! :D That was a laugh riot, as were all your posts, and thats all I crave for from the blogs I read!
    Congrats on the shatak, thanks for the nice comments, and hope you write for a long time! :D

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