This and That

I am was reading ‘Maximum City’ by Suketu mehta and this book is suppose to be THE book about Mumbai but I disagree I think Its pretty biased take on city and boring. I am on page 140 and it still feels like I am reading the forward. I will put down a review if I somehow finish the book, Which I doubt seriously. I wrote this a while back and I couldn’t finish the book. Now I am reading ‘Last Man In The Tower’ and it doesn’t look promising either.

Life has been bit rough lately with some health issues with me (Not Major thing) but who wants to pop those pills? I think it will phase out. Appraisal is in and its so not happening. Hence I decided to move on in life. That’s switching the job and I am already serving the notice period. Let’s see how it goes, wish me luck.

I remember on my first day of joining I was bit nervous, more excited. It took me 2.5 hour to reach the office and 30 minutes to locate it. I sat in the room full of oldies with 4 of us freshers trying to figure out what the presenter with Salman’s accent was trying to convey. Anyhow the long day ended and It took me more than 2 hour to commute back. I resigned the next day. yup, thats true and then I joined my current company. It has been good to me and I had a nice experience but Its the time to move.

Long Time No See

Long time No See

Married life is going good and almost completed 10 months, Cant believe that!! So I wanted to plan something around the anniversary, some small 4-5 day trip but you know I am not single anymore and I am not the one who wears pants in the house (I like my 3/4th), So wife has different plans and she is taking me with her for 15 days trip with all my in laws (Almost entire village), They have booked a whole train and they are going for …wait for it…pilgrimage..Yes, Yes you heard it right in my twenties I will be going to different temples to wash away my sins.. :( Are Bhai..Budhape me kya krunga fir? Anyway trip is final unless something changes at the last minute.

Also I saw a new country, was on work assignment and it was nice to meet new people from different culture and background, They were funny not humble But it was a good experience. May be someday I will share some incidents from that trip.

When I started writing this post I had so many funny incident to share and this post is ending and I dont remember a thing. Writing after a long time and also not writing from a office PC makes your funny bone little less funny, isn’t it?


3 thoughts on “This and That

  1. Don’t know why my comment from last night isn’t reflecting….

    Anyway, I hope you are okay (healthwise) and land a great profile…

    Yatra bit was funny to read :-) At one point of time, my North India trip was in danger of turning into a yatra… it scared all of us :D

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