iRead : Dork: The Incredible Adventures Of Robin ‘Einstein’ Varghese

After a long time I finished a book. I tried ‘Girls from Libya’ , ‘May I hebb Your Attension pliss’ and ‘Three Men on a boat’ but left all of them mid way. MIHYAP was so bad I couldn’t read more than 10 pages and Greatbong is suppose to be a pro-blogger. Still I switched to another pro-blogger ie Sidin.

Its pity that I discovered Sidin’s blog so late. He has a funny bone and it reflects in his blog, tweets and book. Its his first attempt at writing and he has already decided to write trilogy.



The book documents the journey of Robin from his placement day till he completes an eventful year in his first company. Its documented in diary format from Robins point of view.

The book is written only with one thing in mind, To make people laugh because it doesn’t have a decent plot or a story nor any decent side characters. Characters come in the narration and goes out without adding much to the content. Only character stays with you is Robin, The narrator. He is fool and thats why witty.

Sidin has taken many digs at how consultant works and how they get paid for doing nothing. Which is not true, I believe but if you don’t exaggerate it will not be funny. I really liked the Ball bearing incident in the book. Book also has a love story thrown in to add some masala.

Overall a decent light read. You don’t have to remember anything while reading this. You can start at any page and it will still be funny and senseless. So throw the logic out of the window and just enjoy Sidin’s writing skills.

Added later : Forgot to add that the book has abrupt ending and it feels like Author published only half the book he has written. Just to make another part in Trilogy?

Rating : 3/5.


6 thoughts on “iRead : Dork: The Incredible Adventures Of Robin ‘Einstein’ Varghese

  1. Finally a post here!

    I have heard loads about this one, though, never came around to buy and read it… I am quite surprised you left MIHYAP… again, haave heard a lot about that one too…

    My grouse with bloggers like Sidin, Amit Varma et al is – they have wafer thin story lines, with writing styles that are similar to each other and not very different from what they write on their blogs…

    • Well I went for MIHYAP because you recommended it to me on FB :P
      Although I like Greatbong’s writing, I was surprised that i didn’t like the book..

      Yes, No storyline here but its a fun read, You know while travelling for light read but climax is bit of a downer.

  2. I like funny books :) however weak the plot, if they can make me laugh, the job’s done! I haven’t read any blogger’s book except Meenakshi reddy madhavan’s first, which did not impress at all!

    • Same with me I love funny books but decent story makes it more interesting.

      Regarding Blogger-turned-author, I read a chick-lit called ‘ Almost Single’ by Advaita kala and I guess she was a blogger too (not sure). It was a nice read.

  3. Ahaan…finally you decide to speak up…even if it’s smaller n more serious than your normal post…n working on the blog finally…with all the template change n stuff in place??

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