Long time…

I don’t like dead blogs. And also hate the fact that I have one. I almost forgot about the blog till I got a new comment on an old post, and got a notification in my mail box. Its interesting, No matter how many times I say I don’t care about the number of people who read my blog and comment on the post, It always brings a smile on my face when I receive a new comment on the blog.

Its like pretending to give no shit for the cutest gal in the class when everyone around has hots for her? eh? Just because you know you cant get her. But you will still remember the question she asked to you in 1st sem at the bus stop “Bhaisaab, chinchpokli ki bus yaha se jayegi?” Obviously minus the Bhaisaab part. So every time I see a new comment it makes me feel good.

I am not a great blogger or for that matter not even capable of writing 2 coherent sentence without using auto correct. Still I have 685 comments (Not to mention 80% of them selling Viagra) on this blog and thats an achievement for a bull shit talker like me.

I don’t know what bring you guys gals here. Let me ask you. Is it the awesome quality content on the blog(Stop laughing), Weird sense of humor I have, Its because I comment on your blog? (Give and take? uh?), Its because the little peeking tom in you love to read (kind of) personal diary (I admit, I don’t reveal much like others do and its also bit exaggerated ). There are at least 19 of you who read my blog (Google reader says so). So Please Brace yourself and answer this simple question.

Comment Please

Comment Please

I know, its not worth-the-comment kind of post, But I would really like to know. Choose any of the above reason or write a new one (with explanation if possible). So if I ever made u laugh, cry, suffocate, angry, disgusted, suicidal ping me.

You know, You will bring a smile to my face.


4 thoughts on “Long time…

  1. Finally the man is back from the grave (you actually are trying to prove that marriage is the end of life??? and coming back to the blog now that you are few oceans away from the gal???)

    Anyways, here, as always, for the whacky, seriously no sense posts out here….sensible baatein abundance mein milti hain…aisi non-sense k liye real talent chahiye you know :D :D :D

  2. hey…
    What if its mix of all – “laugh+cry+suffocate+angry+disgusted+ suicidal”!!!

    Ur blog is wierd and funny just like u r in person…so my reason to read ur blog is – it comes from straight from heart with lots of fun and life in it and also it gives me chance to catch up with a friend wenever i want!
    So keep writing oops blogging..:P
    (yes this dude has paid me for this comment :P)

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