Moving On…

Cheers to a new year and another chance for us to get it right.

-Oprah Winfrey

Wow! Its year end. And what an year It has been for me; both personally and professionally. I got 3 Certification done and also got married to a lovely gal. I can die without any regrets now. :P Just kidding.

I wanted to write a pre-marriage post in Nov end but couldn’t make it after all those shopping and exam preparation( Ye, I gave an important exam 4 days before my wedding and cleared it too. :)) . So here I am writing this down before this year ends.

I wanted to touch at least 100 post mark by this year end but couldn’t manage to do so. The second half of year has been very unproductive and you all know why But hopefully will achieve that milestone in new year.

Happy New Year

Happy New Year

Again I don’t have much to say Its been a wonderful year for me and I hope coming one is even brighter. Wishing you a lovely year ahead.

Signing off with a small conversation between gal and me.

In a bus journey: She is in all romantic mood and thinking about something with her head in my lap and then she asks.

Gal : When did you decide you want to be an engineer?

Me : *Looking around. Is that for me?* know what? hmm..well…hmmm… I don’t know. Just went with the flow and my friends.

Gal : Oh! Ok.

Me : N (Her Name).

Gal : Yes.

Me : When did you decide that you want to do hmm…nothing in your life?

Cant continue with the story, too violent for family audience of my blog. In short she doesn’t like PJs anymore.

Ok. I know that doesn’t sound funny or intelligent either But trust me it was one of the most funny situation I have been into. Her expression was priceless.

Just two words before I go : Keep it Real! *wink*

P.S : Wrote first half on 31st Dec, Hence.


7 thoughts on “Moving On…

  1. :o
    Oh God! Some guts you have huh? Man would love to know the verbatim continuation of conversation :)
    Happy New year! And may 2011 be even better!

  2. *rolls eyes*
    Mr. allthecrap! Like seriously?? u said that??
    :) the romance sounded like hindi serials on television :) anyway.. happppppppppppy new year!!

  3. Thanks S. Yes, I said that, I am crack pot that way. :)

    Nice to see a new reader but your ‘About Me’ says “i
    hate people with bad grammar”. I wonder how long you will survive without hating me. God bless. :)

  4. Well…I can’t believe it took me 3 weeks to realize you are back with a new post…this is what happens when u take such long breaks, u loose your faithful audience…
    And see, she is proving what I told u…you are still alive is a proof to it…you got lucky, u got her, now u better keep her smiling forever (and that does mean think before you speak :P )

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