Work In Progress

You know I like telling people that I am very busy and I don’t get time to keep in touch but in reality I think I am plane lazy.

Its been longest time between two posts since I started blogging actively . Reason? Obviously I was busy with so many things. You see Getting married is not easy specially if you belong to a Marwari family. Marriage preparation, even tougher.

As I get ready to tie the knot with the lovely lady and add another example in long list of people like Vinod Kambli, Let me tell you Its not easy getting done with the marriage preparation. From Phoolwala to Catering guy, from Photographer to Godiwalas all are in demand for ‘shaadi’ season and increase in their rates (from the last time I got my sister married) is inversely proportional to number of hair I got left on my head.

Great Indian Wedding

Great Indian Wedding

And yes the GLOT is back and with a vengeance of course and he is giving me a hard time with all the dance moves, way tougher than the last time [link] . I think he read that post. I know I am yet to upload that dance video as promised but i have the CD with me but no software to cut the clip (Yes, I am an engineer.) So if you can suggest(with link) me a good software that can cut clip from a VCD/DVD , Next post will be that video. I have tried to install the VCD cutter from but it has some Spyware. Please help.

That’s not all, the toughest part is buying clothes for the wedding. I have already bought 3 dresses with so much of glitter and brightness that it can put both Govinda and Chanki Pandey to shame. And we have just started shopping. Long way to go baby.

No wonder Indian men hardly marry twice. One wedding is enough. And after spending so much of money and time, they have no other choice but to stick with the same girl. :P

Life’s been good to me. How about you?

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10 thoughts on “Work In Progress

  1. Yenjay the preps! Wow, wedding shopping, good memories ;) The only shame is those things never get used again!
    Imagine what the lady must be going through! phew! And like I said enjoy the attention and splurging! :)
    You know what’s on in my life, so no repetition, you keep us updated, will ya?

    • I don’t enjoy shopping at all. Ditto for her(good for my credit card), but she is enjoying the wedding shopping.

      Yes, That’s true wont be used again :(

      Will try to update, not sure though. :)

  2. Hahaha.. Nice :D

    But i agree with the above comment… girls have it wayyy tougher… the lady will feel pressurised to look the best she has ever looked and that too during all functions!

    Your clothes, your dance moves, your preparations will be minutely judged by all and sundry…

    Phew, I wish you all the very best :)

  3. lol@Image courtesy :, we know they are not your relatives :)
    nyway Best Wishes and waiting eagerly for that video of urs

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