Back without a vengeance

Its been more than 3 years since I wrote my first post but till day I haven’t learned the art of writing a coherent post. Mostly, it gets very tricky for me to choose a topic on which I should write. I like to post random thing with each para or may be which each line. It’s difficult for me to write a post focusing on a single topic. Its a complicated business.

Lets start with a good news, Around a month back yours truly got his appraisal letter and guess what? Due promotion was given. Lady luck I say, But many people around him haven’t got what they desired (some deserved as well, but that’s subjective), So rate of putting down paper is higher than rate of no of allegation against Mr. Kalmadi, with each passing day. People are moving out for better prospects, for the new beginning and its not a pleasing experience as many friends are leaving. This is my first company (technically second) and I loved liked my tenure here and I think it will last for longer period. May be I am satisfied or simply lazy.

On other note, When I first started my journey[link] to find the right match for me I never knew I will end up with such a lovely person. I just love her voice , what she says, the way she smile, she is a beautiful soul and makes me wonder will I ever be as good as she is? I hated it when she cried once, indirectly I was the reason ( She doesn’t agree though). And I hated myself for that, for making her cry. But I will never let that happen again. I hope things wont change once we tie the knot. I cant see her crying even once.

Meanwhile preparation for fat Indian wedding still in slow motion. GLOT[link] has been booked, And groom has reluctantly agreed to dance as well but it has been found that bride is a good dancer . I think I will get a cold feet on sangeet night but I guess as long as I don’t loose my sanity or my pajama on stage, It should be fine. :)

I am writing after a long time and this is not what you expect from me but that’s how it is. I am not in right frame of mind (read as tired, sleepy and hungry ) to type this post, but when something has to be it has to be. I hope you are doing well and don’t unsubscribe my blog if you find this post rubbish and pathetic.


8 thoughts on “Back without a vengeance

  1. Aww, very happy for you! You sound really really happy in this post, and that’s just awesome. Touchwood :D
    When is the wedding btw? And no, no one is unsubscribing! But keep the posts coming, however incoherent they may seem!

  2. Well no one ever visited your blog for the great valuable content it had…v just visit for few promised smiles (yeah v do smile even on stupidities :P) and then you always deliver on that front…moreover the love aspect now visible in ur blog, wud definitely have hopeless romantics like me visit it time n again….touchwood for u two…and yeah better don’t make her cry, bcoz every time u do so, u’ll end up handing her ur credit card…n then no prayers wud help u out :P :D

    • ROFL at first line :D

      I was talking abt those smiles only and not about the content. ;)

      Romantic? Do I sound like one? Cant believe that.

      btw thanks for visiting this not-so-great blog. :)

  3. Ok…. we get the jist and contrast of the post… Promotion was well deserved while landing up with a sweet girl like her…. ? :)

    Now lets just get back to the main thing…where’s the bachelors party?????

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