Rules of Engagement

I can see multiple number of people in my friend list on social networking sites getting committed/engaged AKA doomed, and their relationship is now in public knowledge. Hence I thought of putting down some of the hazards/rules of getting engaged (Specially for male species).
Here you go.

– Every call you make in office/restaurant/loo will be suspected as a call to your future spouse. Even when you are listening about some home loan scheme from a husky female voice at the other end.

– Shades and size of dark circles will be inversely proportional to call charges. Cheaper the charges darker and bigger the circle would be.

– Archie’s gift shop guy will remember you by name.

– Your screen saver, wallpaper will have ONE picture.

– Her number will on speed dial but you won’t have to use it because It will be always on the redial list. Needless to say you will have her number by heart.

– Don’t be surprised when you realized that last time you met your friends over a dinner when she was out of town or she had plan with her friends.

– No, She doesn’t look fat. Not even in that red dress. Don’t even try. You will be dead meat.

– You will say worlds like ‘babes’, ‘beautiful’, ‘sweetheart’ , ‘sorry’, ‘you are right’ more than the number of shayaris Anu Malik sing on a single indian idol episode.

– You don’t say ‘NO’. Never.

– She may not like a particular friend of yours, that’s perfectly normal. Vice-Versa doesn’t hold true. In fact its fatal.

– Your each fb/orkut status update will be considered about her or related to her, even when you are referring to Eyjafjallajökull.

– Your opinion may be heard sometimes, but it doesn’t matter.

– And Finally you wont have time to write a new post and even if you do it will be about her.

– You lose your sense of humor and this post just proves that.

Between the gal is out of the town and I haven’t seen her from last 7 days. I am missing her. There I confessed.


13 thoughts on “Rules of Engagement

  1. Awww! :D That was for the missing her part!
    However, don’t you worry, you haven’t lost your touch! This post made me laugh as much as the earlier ones did :D So there!
    Other than that, I cannot say I agree with all the above, being a girl, can’t accept stereotyping, Can I ?;)

  2. Came here through DI’s. I so totally agree with your point 1. My boss and co-workers kept making fun and saying “Oh yes, answer his calls that’re more important than work” in a “teasing” manner. Irritated me no end.

    Congratulations, the engagement period is special. Enjoy it to the fullest :)

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