Picture abhi baki hai dost…

And you thought I am dead.

So How you have been? From the last post you know I am engaged to a lovely girl. And its turning out to be the most sound decision of my life. Not sure about her decision though. She is great and in comparison, she is awesome.

Did I tell you the good part? I am learning many new things, from handling those shopping bags to paying a hefty tips to waiter (whose paycheck is surely more than mine) at upmarket restaurants, asking ticket window guy to give me the corner seat for whichever movies its available for. Nodding at every request she make and giving ‘Its-ok-honey’ look whenever she is late by couple of hours. Fighting with my bank to increase my credit limit to avoid embarrassing situations, talking on the phone through the night till your morning alarm start ringing. Sharing your last scoop of ice-cream. Its bliss.

Did I tell you the bad part? you know all this euphoria is meaningless once you receive your monthly credit card bills. Recently Vodafone india’s revenue shoot up and while I was busy holding those shopping bags in mallls my credit card company was busy in adding zeros to my outstanding amount. And I thought love was blind. May be its marriage which open your eyes. The perils of “courtship” period before the D-day are equally money and time consuming.

Waise Its wonderful to roam around mumbai malls with a elegant beauty besides you. Reminds me of my so-single days, when i used to ogle at every person looking like a girl. And use to wonder how alarming number of people who look like tushar kapoor get a girl who resembles katrina, Now I don’t because I know, I am part of that breeding community , you know tushar-katrina types. Some times I still do check-out ‘people’ when she is busy deciding between bottle green or classy pink color dress; but the criteria is is strict now. And only few girls can manage those norms. lucky me.

So above all are the reason which kept me from coming back to my huge number of follower on this blog. I know I owe you, to be precise all 3 of you or is it 2?

Any tips you would like to give? ‘Cheap Courtship’ ideas/places in mumbai most welcome ? And I know that dance video must be uploaded on the blog, as soon as I get my hands on that. Will keep my promise.



6 thoughts on “Picture abhi baki hai dost…

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  2. Have you guys watched a play yet? :)

    also, since you have been spending a lot of time at good restaurants… maybe you could recommend the ones you liked ?

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