Game Over : Beginning of an end? – II

So from the last post you already know that guy was desperate and ready to mingle with anything that looked like a nice girl, nice girl? as if he had a choice. Never mind.

Though the guy had crush on a girl from the EXTC class,(non-engineers don’t stress your self about EXTC thing, just carry on) he couldn’t muster up enough courage to go up to her and tell what he thought about her seductive looks and short height. The perfect figure she had. The devilish smile she always wore. The pink dress in which she looked better that dia mirza.Days Years passed, the guy was a total fattu. He couldn’t even get himself introduced to her. The girl moved on (she didn’t know that said guy ever existed) and like any every other good looking girl she paired up with a guy who looked like cross between upen patel and rajpal yadav. Destiny I say, something are never meant for you.

The story remains the same from the last post; he was single and bored. He thought the internet can be a good idea to find the girl ( you have read this here ) even shoaib malik has used that. But even after sending 100s of fraandship request on orkut and stalking yahoo chat rooms, all he got was some gay (who pretended as gal) and some indonesian chicks as his friends.

He played his moves badly, he was aging, hair shedding. He tried his final rescue. He asked his parents to find a girl for him. They were skeptical whether they will find a girl for me, they had their doubts and rightly so. But they need to make a move as well, So the hunt began.

Let me tell you arranged marriages are not easy way out. To make some one fall in love with you, you just need to impress a girl for arranged one you must impress her whole clan. You are scrutinize by everyone. From her elder brother who think you look like an eve teaser to her distance cousin who think your nose is bit tilted. And not to mention the string of senior citizens, who are just there to check the cushions on sofas and size of TV you own.

So journey started for this guy, He saw so many girls that he can put harman baweja of whats your rashee to shame. And lets not get into detail about who rejected whom, As I have already gave you the reference of harman baweja. Its not nice feeling to get rejected. Period.

After endless arranged marriage meet-ups, Guess what? Life me twist. He met a girl who looked like a dream and talked like one too. He knew she was the girl of his dream and was secretly hoping under his breath that she wont reject him. But after five minutes of resistance, He started cracking nut Pj’s, one after another ranging from pathetic to very pathetic. And first time for a change the other person was also laughing with him. From that day I started believing in miracles and ekta kapoor. It was my moment. We went on chatting, first instance in my life that some girl agree to look at my face for more than 3 minutes and 20 seconds and more so she was laughing at my Pj’s, I couldn’t have ask for more. I got my girl.

Don’t know how to end this one but yes my Game is Over. I am engaged.


9 thoughts on “Game Over : Beginning of an end? – II

  1. Congrats! Ok, that’s big news, and you took two parts, with such a long gap between them to finish it?! Seriously!?

    On a different note, Rajpal Yadav? Eew! And Upen Patel? Double Eew! What crass taste did this poor girl have? :o

  2. Hey…I won’t comment on the blog…u took toooooooo long to complete it…but you sure are a lucky guy…what about you, by the looks of it, even I like her…and baaki sab toh in personal mein bata hi doongi…

    Aur haan…don’t trouble dat sweet innocent soul too much…toh PJ thode standard k maarna please…

    All the best!!!

  3. no idea wtf upen patel and rajpal yadav are … but good for ya. and seriously dude … ekta kapoor … i thought u said things couldn’t be better … y ruin it … :)

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  5. Congratulations.. congratulations..
    completely agree with you on impressing the entire clan in arranged marriages :) tera number finally aa hi gaya bete! :) sabr ka phal meeeeetha :)

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