Game Over : Beginning of an end?

You know what? when I was a kid, I used to hate girls. Not because they used to cry at every leg or hair pulling session but they used to suck at every game we guys played, every guy will agree on that.  Still they always wanted to play with us. I thought they better be playing with their barbie doll rather than trying to score a run in a whole inning. So basically as a child we(I and other boys) tried to ignore girls. Big mistake, I say! My whole school life went thinking that girls are boring, stupid and cry babies. I never wanted to play any games with the girls and that was it and it remained same till I graduated to my college.

Around second year in junior college It struck me, that something was changing in me. yes I was on initial stage of puberty (Ya, I was late). You know the time when you started looking at girls with different perspective. The girls are not silly any more, they are cute, adorable, sexy, hot but not silly. You know the time when those ‘curves’ start making sense to you? You know the time when you need extra pocket money because you have more facial hair than your younger brother? You know when you are exited enough to send a cute (read lame) shayari note on friendship, saree, rose or any other lets-celebrate day and fattu enough to not to mention your name on that note? I was in that phase.

So I was changing, mentally as well as physical. Now I wanted to play all sort of ‘games’ with the girls but I realized that there were no gals to share my enthusiasm and play along. I didn’t know how to talk to them, how to go all mushy and talk illogical. You know lack of training during school days did had its ill-effect so I was in all-guy gang through out my junior college days. It was bad, not to have a single girl in the group.

I was lucky and brave enough to keep that pocket size physics-II book in my underpants and could crack the paper. Don’t ask me how I took that out during exam. Its a painful story but bottom line is I managed to do that. but couldn’t do the same thing for Bio exam. And there went my medical college hot chicks. Though I made it to a decent engineering college.

I was warned that engineering colleges doesn’t have good crowd in terms of girl, And unfortunately that was true. It was worse. I had better crowd in ’15 days hardware diploma’ course I did from a gov college. That course had no gals and it was better crowd. You got the idea, right?

Again I was stuck to the same all-boy-lets-have-fun gang, this time by choice. It was much fun. Frankly speaking it was awesome fun to be in all guys company. You can abuse, kick, fight and what not? But end of the day being a guy doesn’t help much. You need a fairer sex to do all the things that you cant do with all guys gang. I am talking about emotional things, you sex retard.

So I needed a girl. And was desperate….

To be continued……

I guess it became too long , will write remaing part in next post.


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