Show Me Some Love…

Below post is written in exact 10 minutes, so excuse me for horrible English and boring post, But do read till the end and vote for me…plisss ;) In case you don’t wanna read scroll down and click on voting links.

You know, when I was a kid I had this strange urge to go up the stage and grab that ‘Best Sportsman of the year’ trophy from school teacher and go all the way thanking my mom, dad, sis, my friends GF, my building watchman and all the other important people in my life; And break into 10 minute monologues to tell the audience how my parents had a tough life raising me and its because of their hard work and patience that I made it here and I so much owe this to them and blah..blah…and stuff. But as you know (or must have guessed) that it wasn’t the case, school was biased. For that matter I never won anything in life not even those bingo games in yearly building party.*sigh*

In my last year of school I asked my mom why cant they give me the ‘Best Sportsman of the year’ trophy I have been such a sport in my class. She pointed correctly I cant get that trophy because in last 10 years I never participated in any of the sports meet and was busy in playing marbles in my colony. That day I came to know that you must go to sports meet to win such cheap trophies. OK bad one.

Lets cut the story short and let me tell you that I have been nominated for ‘Avant Garde Bloggies Awards’ in ‘Best About Me Page Award’ Category. So this is the first time I have come so close to winning something (I don’t know how big this award is but better than apasara awards for sure).

So this time I wanna appeal to all my loyal and not so loyal readers to go and vote for me. I haven’t read the other nominee entries and I strongly advice that even you shouldn’t ;) because I am sure they must be far better than me but you are reader of this blog, right? You gotta vote for me na? Polls are live till midnight of 28th March So hurry. Moka kahi chutt na jaye..

So here is the deal Go to this page [ link ] and click on ‘Vivek’ . Its the last entry. No, Dont worry no registration required just select entry and click on vote and you are done. And if you want to read about the nominated page just click on ‘About Me’ tab on this blog or click here [ link ] . And if could just leave a comment here informing me that you have voted It will be helpful

Till then cya :)


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