I don’t want to be a woman

Alert : Abusive post. But you know what? you need it.

Its womens day today and I think It cant get better or harsh than this. You may not agree with all that’s written but quite true, I would say. So for a change lets not celebrate but introspect.

Original post by : Bombay addict from here you can checkout the guy here

I don’t want to be a woman because

– I’m a child, a girl, a lady, a woman. A friend, a sister, an aunt, a wife, a mother, a lover. Before all that I’m a woman.

– I’m available. I’m public property. My eyes, my lips, my breasts, my hands, my arms, my waist, my thighs, my feet, my legs. Their hands, their elbows, their eyes, their feet, their chest, their mouth. Their words. Their attacks. Their gropes, their stares, their nudges, their pushes.

– I’m a cunt. If I don’t smile back at a stranger saying “Hi, want a lift?”.

– I’m a raand. If I don’t smile back at a stranger saying “Kya madam, chalen sair pe?”

– I’m available. If you want a one-night stand.

– I’m a whore. If I want a one-night stand.

– I’m a slut. If my best friends are guys.

– I’m a drunk. If I go to a bar after a bad day.

– I’m a chaalu. If I wear a mini skirt.

– I’m disgusting. If I used foul language.

– I’m ideal. If only I only stayed at home and didn’t party.

– I asked for it. If I didn’t smile back, if I got drunk, if I wore a mini skirt, if I wore a tight T-shirt, if I wore jeans, if I wore a frock. If I moved in a crowd. If I wanted to enjoy a sunset alone at Band Stand. If I wanted to go home with my friends after New Years.

– Yes, I asked for all of it. The violation, the intrusion, the humiliation, the hurt, the bruises, the insults, the blood, the tears, the trauma. I asked for all of it.


7 thoughts on “I don’t want to be a woman

  1. All said and done, I still want to be a girl…a woman infact…
    I’m sure there are some lesser fortunate of us…but then don’t some men have a hard time too?? And I believe Women’s day is meant to be happy that you are a women, rather than be sad because you are one…

  2. all said and done… I agree with Pooja…

    Only sad thing about being a woman is leaving your home n parents after marriage … But again that is universal…

    Otherwise, am happy being a woman… Can only hope and work for betterment of the lesser privileged amongst us…

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