Down and Almost Out?

I don’t know why it happens. When you are so close to what you desire it is taken away and You know you cant do anything about it. You feel helpless and hapless. I wonder this is what he wants or its just a payback time for me.

Its been tough. I don’t know how to go about it. It will take time to heal and I have to wait. May be things will change. May be things are not the way they seem to be (I hope so). May be ‘picture abhi baki hai‘. Don’t know why I am punching this down. But I feel low today.

I haven’t seen many failures in life and probably that is why this one is hurting. It hurts more because you know its just misunderstanding . And in the process others have to take the firing.

Sometimes I wonder is it worth the attention I am giving it? May be it is.

Little messed up in the head. I think I need a vacation. May be a long one. Just for the peace. To get the things in order. To get the confidence back and trust in the lord.

P.S. : Hey don’t read to much into above things (Its just one of those days) because I will be fine and back with a bang, Hopefully. Amen to that!

Update : Hey You wont believe me but things are looking bright again
Picture abhi baki hai mere dost” :)


8 thoughts on “Down and Almost Out?

  1. Hey!!!
    Cheer up….you look better worrying about your falling hairs than worrying about people…but then I guess, you don’t have hairs left anymore…tabhi new topics…but search better ones :)
    And then you know…Aal Izzz Well…if 4 exams in a day are…so should you be :D

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