Just Do It!!!

I guess its been a while since last time I posted on this blog. You see busy people have time for everything, lazy people just can’t manage. And as I am more lazy than some of the script-writers at YRF studio I just ignored this blog for last two weeks. But as every good thing comes to an end, even it has. So to your discomfort I have decided to post this one here.

No. Don’t worry, though I want to again put some random update about uneventful life of a software engineer, I wont. This post is not a long one and I wont talk much today, rather for a pleasant change I decide to give you a chance to do some talking and give control to you people.

Yes my dear readers I have decide to take a survey among my so called readers. Considering the hits I get on daily basis on my blog, I shouldn’t even think of putting such a survey, But you see lets-give-it-chance was my assumption behind this whole thing.

Being a creatively retarded I had to copy most of the question from enidhi’s blog. I have added/modified some of the question for my alleged readers comfort. I created a survey on google docs and while embedding that survey here I realized that frames are not supported by wordpress. So I cant embed the survey here *slap myself* . I know its very inconvenient to click links on any blog but my lord I don’t have any other option so I urge you to please click on the below link to fill the survey form. All questions are optional, so you can answer only those questions which you find interesting enough.

P.S. : Its a simple survey and will not take more than 23.7 sec if you are horrible at clicking your mouse buttons, else flat 17 sec.

P.P.S. : If you put more than 4 abusive words I shall not consider your feedback.heh

P.P.P.S : And don’t kill me for that last question :P

updated : Please mention your name or email id in poll so I know who you are..just a request. And it would be great if you can tell me what you really hate/love about me in feedback section. Please.

Click for survey [link]


Source : enidhi.net


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