Wrap Up

You don’t know what future holds but you know who holds the future. Go for it!!
– Read somewhere

TwentyTen is here and everybody is listing down all the thing which was worth mentioning on his or her blog. Every tv channel has come up with the worst and best of the year. So here I am, trying to remember what made me happy in 2009 and what was so pathetic about the year gone by. But I hardly remember things and to recollect best and worst of last 365 days is tough. Lets try!!

This has been the year where I got my blog some real readers. Not to mention the fact that I spammed their blogs so much with my comments so they had no other choice but to comment on my blog, and also we can overlook the fact that I did so much of self-promotion on my various social networking sites that it can even put rakhi sawant’s PR agency to shame. But it was wonderful year for my blog.

Not only I got a neck for writing (I know its debatable) posts but also discovered some fantastic blogs (from where I copy without giving them the credit) around the blogosphere. Its so wonderful to read about life of people whom you don’t know but you connect. You connect at human level and you feel for them.

Its been a not so bad year professionally. I got decent salary hike ( lets not talk about a colleague who left the company in march and has precisely double the salary if you compare with me ). I switched to different technology which was a welcome change. Lost some friends at workplace because they left for various reasons. Didn’t make many new friends though. Still no complains about 2009 per se.

At personal level there are many things which happened but right now my lips are sealed and twentyten should give me the right opportunity to discuss them here, hopefully!!!

Coming back to blog one of my post got selected by blogadda as tangy tuesday pick and it felt good. Although they mentioned the fact that they choose my post because it was probably one of the first review to be live about chetan bhagat’s latest book, Its ok yaar. Fame or bad fame all is well. On a random note this is my 40th post of the year and its moment of joy. You will understand the importance of this number if you have ever studied in a mumbai engineering college.

Some of the post I wanted to write but coudn’t make it :
-On Doordarshan for completing 50 years
-On gandhi jayanti
-On my Birthday
-On 3idiots review
-On ruchika’s case and few more…

Talking about resolution. I don’t believe in such things, never made any but will try to keep my birthday resolution of not losing my temper and always smile, lets see how it goes, may be i should watch India TV for mental relief and for healthier lungs. And on slightly offbeat and unrealistic thought may be I can get rid of that pouch and get 6 packs. Sounds good?

So this was about the year. And today, I will welcome the new year indoors or will just sleep it off. Whats your plan, what you did? Do share. And fill the poll coming up on next post.

Wishing you a wonderful and amazing New Year ladies and gentlemen :)


6 thoughts on “Wrap Up

  1. well this is also the year that i came to know that you even had a blog … but it’s been fantastic reading man … keep it going … and keep me updated on your “personal stuff” :)

  2. wish you a fab new year!
    Even i was keen to come out with an ode to 2009.
    Yet, boredom with the topic prevailed n i just let it go :)
    Btw, what ‘personal stuff’ ??? :)

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