Bday, Marriage, Mom and Spams

You know whats worst than losing your GF to your best friend? Whats more ridicules than demotion at end of the year? Whats more disgusting than salman khan movies? Whats more stupid than watching big boss3? what is more painful than reading this blog? If your answer is NO then You have never used a rediffmail spam filter. And trust me you are very lucky. But as always life has been unfair to me and I do have account on rediff and Its spam filter sucks more than himeshzzz movies. After specifically putting N number of ids under spam and blocking them I still get mails from those ids again and again. I mean my 3 year nephew can write a better code to block spams than those at rediff. I wonder if rediff engineers are from mumbai university, quite possible I say. Its been more than 6 months . One of the sample spam mail

From : Dr Frank Saidu

Summary of mail : Someone is dead and he left his million dollar booty for me. And all I need to do is send 1/4th of amount to mr frank.

But all of you know I don’t have that kind of money so if anyone is interested in above offer can contact me. You send me that money and half of the sum is yours. No really. Its your last chance to be millionaire.

Well there are 3576 more mails ranging from ‘pleasure in bed’ to ‘fake sarah palin skin purses’ . Let me know guys if you are interested in any of these , shall forward those mails to you (just 5% commision I charge).

So you must be thinking I will continue this post with follow-up I had with rediff people and how I got all this fixed, But no I would rather end this post by telling you about the mysore dosa I had on sunday at D.P’s matunga.

Well after longest period I had a wonderful chat session with my mom on saturday and it was superb (If we just cut out the part where she criticized my dressing sense). It was fascinating to see sparks in her eyes when she told me some incident about her childhood, the determination when she narrated the tough time she had at various stages of her life. Its so surprising to know that I know so little about the woman in my life who knows everything about me, almost (lets not count those files on my hard drive and those night outs). Should have more such session with her, I guess.

Between last 2 post many things have happened that kept me away from this blog. My handsome old pal got married to a beautiful lady and I attended all the functions. It was amazing to marry off a friend. I literally lost him, But I am happy for the guy. I used to wonder how he liked movies like ‘dhoom’ and ‘kyu..ho gaya na’ but it all came down to me when he proposed to his lady love at ring ceremony and sang a song in his deep voice ( note : we used to call him bevda because of his voice only) It was filmy but so touching, I must admit. But it will take whole collection of yashraj films for a sadu like me to even utter those 3 letter. Now one of the side effect of getting a guy married in all-guy gang is you wont see him again on saturdays, at least for an year. Because after a year he will call us to meet on saturdays, wanna bet? other side effect is we no longer can call him bevda.*sigh*

More updates, I have completed 1/4th of a century on 13th of this month. Yes, I am officially old now. 25th b’day spent in some unusual manner which I shall reveal when it should be revealed. If you are still reading then you can wish me for wasting 25 years without a hitch.

Now I wanna make this a long post but I am already bored of all the stuff I have written and I assume even you are bored of reading these silly, casual and uninteresting stuff about me. So give your eyes some rest and shut the damm PC off.

Not wishing you a happy new year as I plan to come up with a post before new year. and ye merry X’mas.

Till den :D
*********added later*******************
update : Edited some ‘your’ to ‘you are’, ‘days’ to ‘day’, ‘than’ to ‘then’ and vice versa, few more stuff. After reading the piece I realized How horrible it would have been for you guys :P. I am sure few more corrections pending :)


16 thoughts on “Bday, Marriage, Mom and Spams

  1. Hey, good to see u finally bearing the fruit of ur struggle and coming up with a blog, though its easy to make that you, like me, were writing for the sake of writing :P

    Koi nahi…blabbering in blogs is the most common habit :D

    Keep posting…n keep pryain I post one fine day…

  2. dude u sound emotional here! emotional attyachar!!! yeah better one must say .. ur ending sucks all the hard work from beginning just like priyadarshan movies .. freak !! good 1 though.. keep writing such serious stuffs ;) … janaamdin mubarakh yeah i read that line … 8)

  3. Is your English really that bad or is it ur style? God!

    U r an inspiration for others who think they can’t write blog cos they are not good in grammar!

    But humor part is ok.

    • Well no wonder you are new to this blog but my reader(if there are any) don’t complain about grammar here because they know it wont improve…:)

      And thats my grammar and my style as well, But ye I don’t use spell checks nor I preview my post before publishing because even i find my posts so boring. :P so jo bhi dimag me aata hai…I put it :)

      In a wrong way but still I dont mind inspiring ( or spoiling?) the whole new generation..its better to have bad blog than no blog :)

      And I am happy you liked (even if its ‘ok’) something on this blog :P

      I wanna say keep visiting but will ya?

      btw you were surprised or there was some surprise for me? Do I know you?

  4. welcome back !

    belated happy b’day ! Don’t worry about 25 till a year more. You are still a “youth”.

    the title almost made me think that maybe you are getting married :D

  5. god … you must love himesss … thats the unteempth time you’ve mentioned it … ;) … and yeah mom’s can be quite irritating sometimes … but then again where would we be without ’em. and congratulations on ur 25th bday … hope you have 4 times as many … but of course before that of course i hope to get a positive update from you about you know what …. :D

  6. Nice Post. Seriously yaar I m fed up of dose spam mails from rediff. if u find some way out plz let me know. And congrats Dude for completing Silver Jubilee of ur Life. btw Salman’s movies r not disguisting. I thnk u havent seen Wanted.

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