Blog Mara Nahi, Blog Marate Nahi

He : So it is dead?
Me : wat is dead?
He : Your Blog…
Me : You know about it? Never saw your comment there?
He : Its not worth it.
Me : But worth reading? huh?
He : Ye sometimes when I feel god is too kind I read your blog for reality check..heheheh..and you never disappoint!!
Me : woo…thx for compliment…”£$%^&
He : So is it dead..confirm it please…
Me : How do you know its keep checking the blog…hmmmmmm
He : Cant ignore..the way you shamelessly promote your blog on facebook, orkut and twitter..its diff to ignore
Me : ok..but its not dead…mere dost blog mara nahi, blog marte nahi ..
He : wat was that? “£$%^&..ur hopeless….

So that’s the reason My dear friend I am writing this post. For readers from kazakistan and bhutan,Namaste. Above title is inspired bya  famous hindi movie. For indian readers I know what you are thinking how lame someone can get by putting title inspired by some hindi movie dialogue. But what do you expect from a guy whose appraisal is due since March. I have no GF. And with a thought process slower than ashutosh gowarikar movies, what else do you expect from me? To write something about sarah palin or about lungi industry in kerala or about bikini collection of mallika ?

I saw few of my last post and thought that Its been a while I have put up some rant or random things on this blog. So this is the day to put things just bizzar random updates about me , to make it a truly personal blog and give some peek-a-boo to my fans all over the Africa and middle east.

What should I put? I already told you my appraisal isn’t happening. I don’t rant about specific things in my office as some of the office people actually read this blog. And trust me guys because of them you are missing lots of masala on this blog. But such it goes.

Well on totally coherent topic would like to tell you that my hair are turning grey at the rate higher than rate at which bacteria reproduce. And no amount of mehndi is helping, I guess. And did I tell you all that , they are falling off my shoulder faster than TRP ratings of shekhar suman. At this rate I should look like anupam kher in coming 15 days. And that’s sound scary, trust me!! Any remedy?

OK and to maintain the flow of this post let me thank this guy gaurav. May be its his age or its insanity of this blog that made him post this comment on my last post

Roflol, Yea I’ve read all your posts , they all deserve to be applauded. Loved your orkut post imho its very good and made me laugh very much. Aaj se i’m one of your loyal fans

So thank you sir. I never had any one saying that ever on this blog. So IMHO you are very kind. Should I send the check by courier or indian postal service? Thanks for that; It made my day… :)

Update : So appraisal is IN. Not bad , I say. But Don worry It wont make this blog look any less stupid in future.

Till then cya :D

p.s : Any guesses that dialogue is from which movie?


12 thoughts on “Blog Mara Nahi, Blog Marate Nahi

  1. Well as always funny…if ur blog is dead.mine i guess is waiting for a punarjanam :)
    As for ur hairs…when kirron kher cudn’t help anupam kher…tell me who ‘ll help u :D

  2. Well, aapke baal ka to koi jawaab nahin ….par the title is inspired from the everlasting line ” Anand mara nahin , Anand marte nahin” from Anand.

    Nice post with a big melodrama about your hair which is hilarious. You have a wild imagination.

    Ty for including my name on your post. I’m honored..:D :D

    Maybe someday if I land on some boring job (which I most probably will)like apna paaji rocket singh, and have nothing better to do , I would like to return the deed probably by writing a post on you in my blog.:)

  3. well … to start off with … your appraisal was good … so u got no complaints there i guess … ur hair still looks gr8 … unless i missed sumthin specific … and as far as the dialogue … i guess sum bollywood flick … hmmm!!! :)

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