Rescue Operation

Rescue operation to save my blog….:)

Its such an easy way out for a blogger to take an open tag and kill a post , but what can you do when you are running out of ideas? Its not that ki I don’t have anything to write about, In fact I have so many things to write about that I cant put a single post right here it goes its an open tag from lovely mukta [link].

1. A – Available/Single?
Single & damn ready to mingle.. :P

2. B – Best friend?
I cant share everything with any one person. I share diff feelings with diff ppl so NONE.

3. C – Cake or Pie?

4. D – Drink of choice?
Mostly any milkshake will do

5. E – Essential item you use every day?
Cell Phone

6. F – Favorite color?

7. G – Gummy Bears Or Worms?
I am veggie..:P

8. H – Hometown?

9. I – Indulgence?
Reading, Googling stuff and people.

10. J – January or February?
February..It has less no of working days..:D

11. K – Kids & their names?
tirth and sidhant , my nephews.

12. L – Life is incomplete without?
Death ..I guess

13. M – Marriage date?
I wish, I knew. Hopefully same date whenever priyanka chopra is getting married.

14. N – Number of siblings?
One lovely sis

15. O – Oranges or Apples?

16. P – Phobias/Fears?
Don’t know…never faced any..maybe dark nights.

17. Q – Quote for today?
‘Make an effort’…its mine..:)

18. R – Reason to smile?

19. S – Season?
End of season..I like sale.

20. T – Tag 3 People?
Lets try if this tag can get this guys going
and anyone who would like to take this up…will keep it open..:)

21. U – Unknown fact about me?
Its unknown to me as well. Ok will tell you I am the one..with red chaddies On, flying everywhere..I am superman.. but please don’t tell anyone..its a secret…:P

22. V – Vegetable you don’t like?
I hardly like any vegetable

23. W – Worst habit?

24. X – X-rays you’ve had?

25. Y – Your favorite food?
diff to choose one…dal-dhokali…:)

26. Z – Zodiac sign?
I don’t believe in such stuffs but I am saggi…

So there you have it…I hope my blog will survive for another week. By then I should be back with another book review..nothing promised tho..You cant sue me if I don’t.. :D



9 thoughts on “Rescue Operation

  1. Well thanks for giving me somethin to write this month…n yup…for more of thanks..look into the blog…
    Hilarious n refreshin one as always..n yup i love crappy things :D

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