My Experiment with Freebies

After typing ‘there’ instead of ‘their’, ‘right’ instead of ‘write’ in last two post I am back with one more post which is equally low in grammatical sense. I would have said that ki bhavnao ko samjho and as long as you get the message I want to communicate it shouldn’t be a problem but sadly most of the post doesn’t have that also. So all I can say shamelessly is ki yes my angrezi sucks and my IQ is as disgusting as upen patels looks. So we cant help on that front.

One more thing I would like to confess is that ki I love freebies. Anything, just anything (even your advice) if its free I am game for it. So this post dedicated to all the companies/people who gave me free colas to free dvd’s, to the guys who gave me enuf worthy ideas to sit in the couch and reach out to those gift vouchers. I owe you this one.

39 Dollar experiment :[link]

Back in 2006 I saw this site called 39dollarexperiment and I loved the whole idea. I posted about the same a while back [link] .Tom sent 100 post cards to 100 random companies asking if they can give him some freebies How lazy someone can get? The whole experiment cost him some 39+ dollars and he got freebies worth 200+ dollars including that cool BMW key-chain. It sound insane but it worked.

And yours truly being yours truly tried the same idea with minimal input cost. I e-mailed the requests. I copy-pasted (I am an engineer. Copy paste is in my blood) request of tom and e-mailed it to many companies. Most of them didn’t replied and some replied with buy-them-kiddo message, But guess what I got an envelope from skoda motors which had a desk calender, personal diary and a skoda key-chain. I felt good.

Mystery Shopping :[link]

Mystery Shopping

Mystery Shopping

Its popular concept in west. They have N number of mystery shopping business ventures. I saw a cnbc news capsule back in 2006 (ye you guessed it right, in 2006 I was vella). A camera moving around a shopping mall focusing on a rear of a girl who was shopping. She was a mystery shopper. She said because of mystery shopping she could afford a BMW , a duplex flat in vile parle and an all paid trip to europe. I jumped of my seat I decided that this is the thing I want to do whole my life . At that moment I got my lakshya. I googled the whole thing up and found a company who handles mystery shopping for many Indian companies. I registered on their site and did a mystery shopping for a sony ericsson phone.

It was fun!! I liked the whole exercise. And I got paid 300 for a 30 minutes work. Yes that BMW story is fabricated by yours truly.heh. But I liked the concept its cool idea to review shops for different companies and get paid in the bargain. You will be paid anywhere between INR 300 to 1000 for a 30-60 minutes work. And if you enjoy shopping unlike me It will be added thing for you.

BigFlix Offer :[link]

Big Flix

Big Flix

It doesn’t fall exactly under this category as they have this seasonal offer. Recently I tried 15 days free trial from BigFlix, which included unlimited number of dvd for 15 days as long as you have only one DVD at any given point of time. Although I was tempted to continue the subscription which would have cost me 375 a month, I didn’t. You see spending half of your salary on some movie rental scheme is not such a good idea, as my financial planner suggested. But you can go ahead and try it . They still have 15 days free trial on. I would recommend you try this one. They have decent stock of all the hollywood and bollywood movies. And those guys deliver and pick up at free of cost. And no you don’t have to blog about it like me. Its not a promotional post.

So first time I am sharing some of the ideas which can get you those freebies. Do share your thoughts on same. And finally you can say something on this blog can be tagged as useful….:D

But if you think all this stuff is way to complicated than just subscribe to this site [link] and you should get some cool offers each friday (you must be from mumbai). I haven’t used any of them but I think they have good offers and freebies. They don’t spam so you can try it out.

If you have some cool sites similar or otherwise do share with me. And if you want Indian mystery shopping site; buzz me.

Till den… :D


12 thoughts on “My Experiment with Freebies

  1. hahahaha….. a marwari has to love freebies !!

    Same goes for Sindhis too :D

    I lovee free stuff !!

    cool ideas btw ! I haven’t tried any such stuff… but its cool to know what strategies people can use to get freebies !

    • Marwari in me felt good after writing this post..:D
      Well if you like shopping you can try mystery shopping..
      and big flix has a cool offer..u must checkout that…

      and about the last link they have more offers in south mumbai..may be useful for you!!!

      You love free stuff too…any cool site u would like to share?.. :)

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