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Tangy Tuesday

Tangy Tuesday

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We Indians love weddings and the whole idea of arrange marriage thing. From engagement ,The night calls, the courtship days, city darshan ,to and ( only) till the wedding day. The food, the feras , girls in indian wear, the band, the mandap and the godi. I love them; And I think everybody except the victim(the groom) loves it. Don’t we? Wedding undoubtedly is the biggest event in life of indian parents. They start saving from the day the son/daughter is born for there wedding , consciously or otherwise.

We also love romance. Not the kind which we see in public gardens, band stand, cinema halls and college campuses but more classy kind of which we do with-in ‘samajik maryada’. We are indians right? We don’t show it; or may be we are just to afraid of shivseniks.

Keeping those point in mind our all time fav. author(are you offended?) chetan bhagat is out with his next masala book. Where he mixes above two ingredients with tadaka of inter-cast marriage. You don’t have to have an IQ of 180 (like me) to guess that this gonna be a best seller. Even if Chetan writes a book called ‘200 days of constipation’ it will be a bestseller!!!

Chetan is like rakhi sawant of indian writer’s association. You can love him, You can hate him but You cant IGNORE him!!! What an original thought I must say.

Ok..OK.. I like chetan bhagat’s books . I loved the FPS , call center was a average book and 3 mistakes was bit better than 2nd one(lot of you will disagree but I think call center comes last in my list).Lets see where 2 States stand.

Review :

If you are a chetan bhagat fan you don’t need to think for a second (and you will not) to give this book a shot, If you are a basher this review will not help in any case. But if you are in between and loved FPS ( I assume all loved this one ) and thought the next two books were shallow and unrealistic; keep on reading.

Chetan’s books are predictable and this one is no exception in fact it gives out whole plot on its back cover. But I don’t mind reading predictable books I look for the execution part. We all have seen hera-feri endless time, we know it scene by scene, I even remember the dialogues but it doesn’t stop me from watching the same movie next time Because it’s the execution which matters.

As per the claim book is inspired by authors own love story and marriage. And we can see that in the book. The plot starts at India’s top b-school where krish and ananya meets and the love story begins. If you ask me the love story at IIM is the only boring part in the book, If you compare as whole. Author has taken inspiration from his own past books for the same. So it all sounds similar. The real fun begins when convince-the-parents part comes.

2 States

2 States

The author has taken liberty to lift a situation from DDLJ (Its bestseller too, isn’t?) where our sada punjabi munda is in in-laws den to win them over by giving tuition to his typical IIT-on-the-mind future brother-in-law to make presentation for a public bank business plan for future father-in-law. Its fun to read chetan’s take on south Indians. Similar situation for the girl to win the not-so-honky-dory parents of krish. And the plot goes on as suggested in synopsis of the book, no rocket science here.

Chetan has mastery at mixing emotions moments with funny one liners . Your eyes get wet at the right places. And its difficult to control the laughter for most of the read. I loved the scene when the guy proposes to the whole family, bit filmy but what a gesture. Few last pages are laugh riot. And look out when author compares punju’s and madrasi’s, too good. No wonder characters and situations are bit exaggerated, but what’s the fun if you don’t exaggerated a bit?

I liked this one more than the chetan’s last two releases. And it has more ROFL moments than FPS, trust me on that. Obviously you can’t expect FPS from him ever again. Now author has moved to full masala movie mode, No wonder all his books are turning into 70mm hindi movies. This one is the perfect potboiler too. I hope bollywood producers are taking notes.

The final verdict : its cheap (the price) and full on time pass. Chetan try to put across some serious thought as well but its get lost in between his one liners. I think book is filmy and too much fun. It’s better than any of the movies released this year. But if you think bollywood movies sucks or you use fork and spoon to eat sada dosa or you take all the stupid quizzes on facebook than you are no fun; buy ‘the white tiger’ you may like that one…:P

To say the least.. this books comes closest to FPS; and Undoubtedly pure fun ride .

Rating : 4/5 ( If you are chetan’s fan like me).

P.S. : Its the 1st book I bought for myself which is not pirated…yay!!


37 thoughts on “iRead : 2 States

  1. lol!!!! Even your review is pure fun ride :-)

    Let me make it clear, I too am a Chetan Bhagat Fan :-D

    As you’ve already read my review u know my views on the book :) but yes I agree with you love him hate him you can not ignore him. And no other Indian writer is as well & extensively read as him. Period!!

  2. hmmmm … not really much of a fan ven it comes to romantic books … but here’s hoping after the last crap of his tht i read … dis one will be a lot better … :)

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  4. cheers. i agree 2 yer ratings. But i wud excercise more cruelty 2 One night@call centre. Itz one of de trash buks ive read. sad dat it hppnd wen i was on full spirits of havin read fps. N true, chetan is switchin 2 pakka movie stuff. 3 mistakes was gud…but still masala masala. i luvd yer usage of de term niway. Yeah im a fan of Chetan. actually tried 4 years 2 get in touch wid de guy..2 many wasted e-mails n twits !!! :)
    N nother coincidence is…3 mistakes was de first buk i spend my own pocket money 4..!!!

    chk dis post dat was written a year bak

  5. A good review. I’m yet to read it, and i’m still going to buy the book :)

    Thanks for visiting by @ my blog :)

    btw, i buy the pirated 1 @ 50/- so i’m quite happy too *wink*

    You write very well. Keep at it!

      • yes, i feel they are pirated, they call them ‘second hand’. pirated things, man they they are irresistible in terms of cost, I recently read The Hitchhiker’s guide series (4 books still 1 more to read, and another one, by Eoin Colfer (Artemis Fowl-wala) has been released) as free ebooks, not downloaded ebooks even, they were on a website. And so I’ve downloaded a few more… (Jonathan Stroud – Bartimaeus Trilogy)

        I thought you loved freebies?

        btw, i agree that ebooks are no match for the real books, but you get such _real books_ at X-words and they charge a lot… cant afford to buy so many books at such a large price.

        Though with Hindi books the story is different – you dont get Hindi books at Crosswords, and they are quite cheap (maybe I’m wrong but that was my first impression)

  6. Regarding one night, fps and 3 mistakes. FPS roxx no doubt! One night was some sort of masala material, you’re right about them turning into bollywood movies. :P

    3 mistakes was good, but like you said, too unrealistic and rather serious. One night, was good too, with all that occasional humour – but I guess FPS just spoiled us and we expected way too much from him :P hope 2 states meets my expectations.

    Good read, again, byes!

  7. Feels like reading the book after ur “expert review”!

    Congrats on FIRST original copy of book…hope many more will follow

    p.s. keep 2 states copy free…wanna read it..

    • I am not sure abt ‘many will follow’…as all the books are not priced at 95 you see..:D
      It was first for me but its the second time I bought original..first one was ‘kite runner’ your bday gift remember?

      Its free you can take it..:)

    • Lawl, no way @senti!

      I read 2 sates (its been a while no) :P good one, creative and where it should be, but as usual, girlish beauty is skin deep only. And a total masala flick. The sort in which you can add song-and-dance and item numbers… :|

      If you like comedy then try The Hitchhiker’s Guide series (Douglas Adams). Its science fiction, of course, but after reading that you will no longer have to have any low self esteem coz of bein an engineer, geek or nerd. Totally for our kind :P

      Ok, enough marketing done, but Hitchhiker’s really took the shine out of Chetan Bhagat’s since i read them one after the other.

  8. nice buk!!!had a grip on it durin ma xams bt didnt left it unread!!!lovd his buks rite 4m fps though three mistakes seemd to b unrealistic bt still occasional changes can b takn care of!!!
    keep writn chetan,v lve u……..

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