Aao Gym Kare…

No comment on improvement for my last post so I think ‘About Me’ page is perfect. No subscriber for feed burner as well so I believe you like to personally visit my page. And no help regarding the book ,so you don’t like piracy i guess. Never Mind.

Coming to this post. Yours truly joined the gym last year around march and as luck would have it he discontinued in a month. But here is a brief snap-shot of diff category I have seen. I hope you like it.

People who come to Gym :

Rambo-Shambo :
These guys are high on rambo series movies. Half of their salary goes to protein supplement they drink. Remaining half goes for their jumbo break-fast and lunch , no dinner here*. They are the reason why 80% of the gyms are running. They cant eat Indian style, there fingers don’t reach there mouth or for that matter any opening in body, Damn Biceps!!. They use spoon and fork even for roti if they ever eat one. I wonder what they do in toilet, water jet!?

It takes 300 pushes, 250 crunches and few faulty Air Conditioners to make them sweat. They watch there biceps every half an hour and give a grin to themselves. They look like human robot. Walk as if they recently had piles operation.

They don’t have GFs because when they were suppose to be having dinner with her, they can be found doing stomach crunches in gym. 100% of their free time is spend in gym only.

Damm Biceps

Damm I dont even fit in the pic frame

*remember no carbs after 7.


For this category gymming is as interesting as having a bath with amar singh in a bath-tub. They are their just because they are on verge of losing their current girl friend or the next marriage proposal. So they are pushed by their girl friends and Moms. Hence they drive half an hour to reach a gym to jog for five minutes.

This breed is dedicated one, they don’t look at sexy gals. They don’t waste there time in changing rooms. They use only one machine in the gym , trade mill. They run faster than their machine’s speed. But they cant help it ;52 seconds on trade mill and they break into sweat, 100 seconds they are huffing puffing. 150 second they are about to get a heart attack. They are the reason why trainer want mid-term appraisals.

As I said they are very dedicated they listen to every tip gym dietitian give and after the session they go and eat 2 plates of ragda pattice and one glass lassi at shady food joint located strategically next to the gym. And at end of the yearly membership their weight is much more than earlier one.


Ok! They are the people who don’t change into tracks they just get in with jeans until trainer shoo them away to changing room. They are not there to get all worked up or ruffle their hair. They are there just for the girls. They smile at every girl in their vicinity. They think they are the next ranbir kapoor in making. They are the real trouble maker for trainers because they hit on every girl , for which our trainer has an eye. They adjust their hair with alarming frequency. They pay there membership in installments and do a mr. india act as soon as they get their shridevi.

Gals (Cute,Slim,Fat):

Every gal irrespective of her size and weight has this strange habit of carrying her i-pod and mobile phone. They don’t like trainers taste in music so they get their own i-pod. They all wanna look like kareena kapoor. They all think they are fat. They love doing cardio till sweat start spoiling their make-up (yes they all do make-up). They all are in new t-shirt everyday. All T-shirt have messages like ‘I know what you are looking at’, ‘Who Cares’, ‘Girl Rules’ and all such meaning less things. They keep checking there cell phone every 5 minutes. They eat salad for their lunch , nimbu pani for their break fast and dinner…who takes dinner?

Last and the Least :

These are the people who got the membership because they got some complimentary coupons from someone, Or they won lucky coupon at annual lottery of ‘jayantilal and sons jewellers’. They show up once in a week. They don’t try half of the machines because they are afraid of damaging them and the consequences which may follow. Nobody notice them; gals, trainer even the receptionist. They do bench press in a corner.
*****************************added later********************
I added it but somehow it vanished in the published post.So here its…
I am already tired and sweating so now you know in which category author of this post fits. I don’t need any gym to sweat it out. Such long posts are enough.
Please add your experience if I have missed out on some of the cats.. :P


15 thoughts on “Aao Gym Kare…

  1. pretty good man … but first of all … killer pic … wtf did u get tht from??? and secondly u so don’t fit in the second category … that u got wrong … maybe a new category “Studs” is more for you … :)

    • abt the pic?…those were the days men…but i didnt like the water jet much so got rid of those biceps…:P
      And if you think I am “stud” ..then uday chopra is wat “greek god”??..lol

      ..on a serious note thx mate.

  2. u actually asked for comments!!!!!

    so writing this because i have visited ur blog after a long time…….sweaty post…..
    as i never go to a gym….. will aactually never know or experience such ppl so thank u for the thoughtful insight:P…

    hilarious post!!!!

  3. A combination of Fat-So and Romeo-Style suits u. :) not the category title but some of the sentences from both. u know which sentences i m talking abt. ;)

    as ‘thesaltpit’ rightly said, a new category ‘Studs’ (combination of Fat-So and Romeo-Style) is more for u.

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