I, Me and Myself

***help needed***********
Can any body get me e-book or a link for book called ‘My kind of girl’ by Buddhadeva Bose. I know piracy is bad n stuff but please if you can help me, You may find your name on top of my next post. plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

One more thing for all the lurkers please put down something in comment section even if its remotely sane. Don’t apply ‘Khao Peeo aur Khisko’ Policy here.

After Months of brainstorming and taking countless facebook quizzes I finally able to write my ‘About ME'[link] page. Do have a dekho. And please forgive me for overuse of ‘I think’, ‘I like’, ‘I hate’. Will try to make it less monotonous and crisp. Suggestions will be appreciated (Not in terms of money tho).

Btw Bruna is back on KKK2 And tell you what I am loving it. I am humming ‘Jao Na’ from WUR lot these days and I think if positive reviews come I will watch this one.

One more thing I have added this feed-burner on my page. Ye on the right side Top pe hai. I don’t know how this feed business runs but do subscribe it if you feel like. Do I sound like PR guy?

..Its a quick post just to tell you that ‘About Me’ is updated so more later…cya..:D


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