Blog se yaad aaya…

You Know worst thing about writing a personal blog? Its title; You dont know what title your suppose to give when you want to tell everything from not-happening-appraisal to the new pair of shoe you bought. From stupid collegue to even stupider movie you saw last week-end. So I wanna advice you not to go by the title of the post and waste your time here. Instead you can see a program on global warming on NDTV.

Waise TV se yaad aaya….Couple of weeks back I was watching a channel called ‘Headlines Today’ *things I do for my blog you see* and there ace anchor broke into the monologue of how disasters the swine flu gonna be and how important its not to panic. The anchor has only one briefing that dont allow studio guest to speak so here it goes….

Doc: I think we shoudn’t panic…

AA(Ace Anchor dude) : *cut the crap* Doc tell me if person doesnt show any sympotms of swine flu; Should he take Tamiflu?

Doc : errr..if you dont show symptoms….

AA : *Cut* Doc just tell me YES or No? *with i-am-the-ace-anchor smirk on his face*.

Doc : *cursing himself for coming on the show* NO, IF you dont show any symptoms why would…..

AA : Here you have it; Exclusively on our channel that if you dont show any symptoms dont take tamiflu.

Now such kind of news reporting make me sick. And I just took 2 tablets of saridon. It felt better.

Waise Sick se yaad aaaya….I saw a movie called ‘Final Destination 4’ and I thought that movie was kinda sick. People were killed like mosquito every now and then. It had all the weird method in the world to kill people; from flying cylinder to flying tyres which can knock your head-off. And to top it all this whole exercise made me 200 bucks poorer. I never watched a movie with price tag of 200!!!!

Waise movie se yaad aaya..I saw one more movie last week called kaminey. To say the least I was disoppointed with vishal, after churning out movies like makdi,maqbul and omkara. Kaminey was kind of mediocore. I didnt enjoy it much. Priyanka was good and amol gupte was too good.

Waise good se yaad aaya….I am on twitter and I won this cool t-shirt and a cool mug from channel V for dont-do-anything contest. Just register and you can win. So from school time frog-races to college singing competition it is the first time I won. You see things you miss if you dont follow me on twitter. Its your last chance. Its @allthecrap on twitter valid till end of this month. limited period offer!!! Just follow me and you could win a mini-mayawati statue.

channel v t shirt, Mug awaited

channel v t shirt, Mug awaited

Waise competition se yaad aaya…..I saw couple of episode of KKK level2 and I kinda liked it; although without make-up its diff to like any of the gal on show, I loved bruna abdulla . She is pretty and cute. But before I could say she was sexy too. She is out of the show. Life is so unfair. Bahut buri baat hai.

Waise baat(h) se yaad aaya I have’t taken a bath since morning and before my mom decide that I am too unhygenic to take dinner and must skip it. I should go and take a bath. Things I do for dinner.

Dinner se yaad aaya…whats on you menu tonight?


6 thoughts on “Blog se yaad aaya…

  1. yeh pad kar mereko bhi yaad aaya ki i have got so many ideas but no title for them

    aur yeh bhi yaad aaya ki if i dont visit the blogs of others no one would visit mine.
    so i better start visiting now
    nahi to mera blog bhi sirf ek yaad ban kar reh jayega

  2. I felt the same about Kaminey…just didn’t get what was soooo monumental & world class about the movie…

    Final De dekhi nahi hai…have just seen part 3…and it won the title of “what scared alltalk”!! Seriously, some movies can be sick !

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