Ganpati Bappa Morya!!!

I think this post was overdue; A year back I thought of putting down this post but couldn’t make it . So this time I will write about someone special in my life, The idol I ever worshiped with true faith, The god I truly believe, The idol which make me feel good about life. Its Ganesha.



I am not much into spiritual things or religious stuff. But I believe in power of faith. I think belief in god makes you stronger. It gives you the hope, the stamina to move/hold on. Faith makes things possible. It wont be a overstatement if I say Its because of faith watever little I have achieved in my life. I think it really helped in my low time; It kept me going.

In particular I like to visit sidhivinayak temple ( dadar, mumbai). Though I believe God is everywhere and it doesn’t matter whether you go for amarnath yatra or just a nearby temple. In one of my earlier post I said pain takes you a notch closer to god. It connects you to him. We dont feel closer to god in our happier times as compared with tough times. Its agony, pain which make you find solace in someone bigger and divine.

I dont know how to end this post but I wanted this blog to know how much I believe in Ganesh.I know I truly sucks when it comes to such posts; I feel all messed in my head. Its not so me, na?. But sometimes you have to do, what you have to do.

BTW m jain and would like to wish every jain guy gal a happy savantasari!!!

and till the next time say loudly Ganpati Bappa Morya!!!


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  2. Ganpati Bappa Morya : Ganesh Chaturti Utsav Pics August 2009… — The huge collection of beautiful pictures of Ganesh Idols for this August 2009. This site has a beautiful never ending slide show of the idols made this year at various places in mumbai. Parel , Lalbaug , Tilak Nagar, Girgaum to name some. Have a look and get the blessings online.

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