You Belong to Mumbai If

I have been to few of my previous posts and I think I can win ‘make-no-sense-blogger’ award hands down. And last few post has been all about my sadu life so this time I thought doing something different for readers of this blog (count is 2 including me).

As yours truly has been going through many awesome blogs and getting ‘inspired’ and all. He has seen a post on net on the same topic and thought of putting his list of things about mumbai. I hope you guys like it.

Losing My Viginity

Bandra Worli Sea Link

-You call it mumbai and not bombay.

-You know that vada-pav is not just another snack. It can be lunch and dinner at times.

-You know wat ‘kalti’ , ‘apun’ , ‘bhidu’ and ‘geun tak’ means.

-Its difficult to patao gal here than any other part of country.

-You have spend half of your life travelling, i.e. within city.

-You dont know how actually a ‘clean’ beach look like.

-You feel that central gov always do injustice to mumbai when it comes to budget.

-You dont know how a empty train looks like.

-You know its not ‘heavy’ rain unless western railways shut there operation.

-You dont know what is winter season.

-You cut lanes but follow signals.

-You can patau RTO wala in exact 20 rupee.

-You think BMC sucks.

-You are trained in finding roads amongst the pot holes.

-Movie names like ‘1.40 ki last local’ doesnt amuse you because you know the value of ‘last local’.

-You Happily give 100 rupee tip in hotel but fight with the rickshawala for 5 rupees change.

– You actually pay by meter when you travel in ricks or taxis.

-You dont know who is the mayor of mumbai and What he/she suppose to do.

-You feel your blessed if you managed to get fourth seat in the local.

-You believe mumbai should be capital of india.

– You dont go to band stand to watch SRK’s bunglow.

-You know wat is bhajji-pav, misal and usal means.

-Its never too late to reach home even if its 2am.

-You see people offering there seats to women.

-You feel guilty for not visiting the bandra-worli sea link.

-You were in the office on 27/11 and not at home.

– And if your still reading this post.

I can write 920 more things about mumbai but I think its enough for the day but Guys you can add your suggestion in the comment section.

cya… :)


20 thoughts on “You Belong to Mumbai If

  1. hey gud one man …. but i still prefer bombay rather than mumbai … BMC does suck!!! … if we get a chance to sit … den samaj lene ka ki train khali hai and i was in office on 26/11 … so yeah man … for all those people who didn’t go to work that day … :( !!!

    • mmm..many prefer bombay i guess…waise i thght u will add to the list ki ‘it takes more than 40 NOC’s from diff auth to get an international band performing’… :D

  2. Lovellyyy…just sooo true !! :)

    I would also like to add –

    You might not know your neighbour!
    You truly know the meaning and importance of a Dabbawala…
    Jamnabai, Petit, Dhirubhai are not individuals but school names
    You are actually aware of and have tasted “world cuisines”
    You scorn at “Dilli wale” show-sha types and actually move out in Night Suits to stroll or have an ice-cream…
    You hold a PhD in an impromptu “Ghati” dance – all thanks to Ganesh Chaturthi
    As a couple, your best hangout is Bandstand – You think it gives complete privacy :D

  3. hey mukta nice once yaar….spl the band stand-privacy goes few more

    -You know we have over used the phrase ‘the spirit of mumbai’.

    -You wonder why ppl refer to pani puri as phuchka or gol-gappe and not just pani puri.. :P

    -You are not amused when you see ppl in the morning on railway tracks doing you no wat.

    -You know we are the highest IT payers in india and you feel proud about it.

    ..right now I can think of these things only!!!.. :)

  4. arre even I thought about the Income Tax thingie after I logged out :)

    Doing it for one’s city is damn nice na ?!

    Umm – Some more:

    You don’t want the slums to be demolished because the most imp. person in ur life shall be displaced -Your Bai.
    You don’t think Dharavi is dirty – you think its enterprising!
    You are proud to be a part of a place where Rent agreements are actually honoured !
    Mostly, you haven’t been to prince of wales museum, jehangir art gallery or Elephanta Caves :D

  5. Its a great idea to put something abt your city… :)

    waise that bai thing made me ROFL seriously…it seems it came from exp. ?

    and never been to prince of wales and JAG but ye been too elephanta ….such a boring place it is unless you have gf/bf around and I was with my bhaiya and ‘would be’ bhabhi… :P

  6. NOW I am Rolling on the floor :D

    I have been to art gallery with my dad…not the other two places…

    and the Bai thing came from articles about Page 3 people ;)

  7. nice one man!
    I keep visiting ur blog (not quite often though) n must agree tht you have a nice sense of humour!
    keep them coming.

  8. All are very, deeply true.
    I would add one more-
    Bombay is the only city where Distance is measured in Hours and Time is measured in Rupees.
    Got your link from ROFL Indian and glad to find you :)

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