Barely Readable

Enough is enough; I think this guy is a gone case. At the start of the week he promised me that he would write a funny post. Funny post means something for which you can miss funny riots like ‘Yamlok ka dwar’ on india tv and ‘Rakhi ka swayamwar’ on NDTV Imagine. But now the nut is saying his feeling depressed and wants to write something really sad, which will generate some sympathy for the poor soul (specially from a particular gender) and will get some real much needed traffic on this blog and all the gals going ‘poor boy’ and telling him to cheer up. But As real men I declined that; I never liked ‘choo chweet’ and ‘how cute’ stuff all my life.

As Yours truly aka allthecrap is just back from a screening of KKTH meets DDLJ meets KANK and busy analysing the movie ;I am writing down this post. Let me introduce myself I am 7th split personality of author of this blog. You can call me the-smart-ass, the-legend or something like this , but that must be kewl.

Allthecrap status : wondering wat went wrong with the movie.

See I dont waste my time on such stupid films which comes up with warning which says ‘Keep tissue paper handy’ , and I dont like everything which has anything to do with tissues in anycase.; I prefer water. I like movies which involves mar-dhad ; hero kicking villain that is. But 9 out of all of us disagrees with me *sigh*. Most of them like funny movies; they are waiting for ‘shotgun murugun’ and some of them are waiting for ‘kaminey’ .

allthecrap status : Pritam was good..dialogues very crispy..may be acting was flat. Things were not realistic enough or may be heroines were too tall.

In these recession days its scrary to give a hint to your boss that you have that solitaire on minimize mode whenever he comes to meet ya and you cant leave at 3 also. So last week authors 3rd split personality discovered many new blogs and funny sites to keep himself busy till 6 pm on working days. But nut wont share those blogs with you; because copying endless content from same old blogs was geting bit tuff so here he can copy all new once till they are discovered by ppl so till then giving away those seems like a big mistake.

allthecrap status : no bollywood movie is realistic and no heroine is shorter than saif; but this one was not convincing enough, I guess. Wat this guy is doing on my lapy …shit!!!!!

Please ignore all the above stuff its just my alter ego got hold of this and I just dont wanna delete wat he has written but its all baseless and untrue. I did try to put a good post all week but coudnt manage to make a sensible one and on friday when I thought I will put some seriously funny stuff I was shattered by two information , One was bit personal and other one was publicaly personal.

First reason : I can just say, Truth hearts and sply when you cant do anything about it . Second reason: Rakhi declared that she gonna choose her life partner on sunday and I feel sad. Not becuase I could not be on the show but for the guy she gonna choose. ahhhhh GOD is so mean some times I tell yaa……

Love aaj kal not worth it….disappointed… :(

p.s : If you still reading ; then do check out this link . Trust me your brain deserves this after such a shitty reading.


13 thoughts on “Barely Readable

  1. i like your 7th split personality .and dying to meet all the other ones also. by the way how many do u have?
    u didn’t like LAK . I am dying to watch it as TOI has given it 4 stars
    I hope i get my moneys worth ( sky high rates at all multiplexes

    • ohh dat means u didnt like the 3rd one *raises eyebrow*..the author have 10 of those and still counting .. :)

      Well If you have seen JWM than u wont like it but from your blogs it seems you are very emotional person so there is possibility you can connect. Dont even go by TOI rating..try rediff review or mayank shekhar’s review.

      And Even I saw that in a multiplex .. :( ..but saved on popcorn and cola by not buying them.. :)

      -posted by authors 13th split pers..

  2. Well, I did manage to read till the very end :)

    First, hope your alter ego and various split personalities get over your “personal” bad news…

    Second, LAK is that bad?? I was expecting this one to be the in the league of his reious 2 movies…

    • I am glad u managed to.. but u didnt clicked on the link i guess.. :)

      You know there is one dialogue of saif in LAK “Sardarji me defective piece hu thodi der me fir thik ho jaunga”..same goes with me. 1-2 din me ..will come over it…

      “league of his previous 2 movies” now thats the reason why its not good enuf..because we have seen prev movies….I will rate it as 2.5/5. As I mentioned in my post movie is not convincing enuf…:(
      and I think deepika must have bunked her dialogue delivery classes at namit kumar’s acadmey.

  3. the link doen’t open in my office…shall try it later…

    I somehow have never liked Deepika…pata nahi kyun…but thodi sadu lagti hai mujhe :)

    • heheh..I think first time out of all her movies she looked amazing with kickass dressing …but sadly enuf she doesn’t play a dumb character in the film…waise imitiaz managed to give all the dialogues to saif….but leading lady ko bhi khuch to bolana padega na.. :D…now m waiting for kaminey….title track rocks….

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