No TAG, TOO Big!!!

Its been long since I posted something so this TAG from alltalkandnoaction is blessing in disguise. And I love this tag line of Jaypee groups so that has “inspired” the title .

Four Places I have lived

Ok..Its so normal for me to get bombed at the first question itself. I have written endless engineering paper where I have skiped the first question. I want to skip this one as well because I never left mumbai. From my school to my company everything belongs to mumbai.

I love this place* . I am not born here but its been 24 years I have been with her. She has a big heart to accomodate every kind on narrow minded person. Its a city of dream. It belongs to amitabh, it belongs to dabbawalas, It belongs to ketan parikh, It belongs shantaram and to rakhi sawant as well.

*if you exclude the traffic.

Four TV shows I love(d) to watch

Star Bestseller
I think I haven’t seen more than 10 episode of this series, But its on the top. I liked episodic stories. It had names like irfan khan, KK menon, Anurag Kashyap. Even today I remember some of the episodes. Specially KK Menon’s ‘Mahakali Ki Last Local’ and one episode featuring aloknath.

Sarabhai vs Sarabhai*
Iske baare mai kya kahen? The whole Sarabhai Family is fun to be with :-) Its difficult to decide here about who takes the best acting trophy !

Malgudi Days
I think we all loved this one. RK lakshman is a genius. And tranformation to small screen was truly brilliant. I think that tune will never go out of our mind…ta na na tana na na….:D

Dekh Bhai Dekh
Old is Gold….:D


Ok whenever we friends meet we all think of one place and thats GOA. Been there many times. This place has this nirvana kind of feeling to it.

Not on vacation but cant say I lived there. I like surat. Great food. Lods of relative and a good friend. Broad roads and some good chiks as well.

I used to love this place. But not anymore.

Been to many places in rajsthan but bahut chota tha me… :(

Fave Foods

Anything Related to Paneer – Anything, absolutely anything.*

Pizza : I love it. Specially with paneer and corn.

Dal-Bati : M not very found Churma. But I love Dal-Bati. After all M marwari.

Indian mithai : gulab jamun, jalebi, kulfi anything indian.

Four Places I would rather be

Banaras/Haridwar : I am not sure how much I will be comfortable But I think these places are on my must visit list.

Kashmir : Now Its the best place in india you can be at. I love north india too much.

New Zealand – I think its an amazing place .

Surat : I love the laziness.

Before I die

Be In space.
Borrow/Steal/earn Billion dollar.
Finish this post….*such a long tag*

Four Books

The Kite Runner
I haven’t read better fiction than this.

Its not about the bike.
It’s best non-fiction I have read. For review

The curious incident of dog in the night time
Truly Exceptional. Review Here

Five Point Someone :
No matter How much you hate CB you cant ignore him. This book I can identify with, Anyhow I like CB books because Its always the looser who gets the gal…:P
one more :
A Must Read for every Mubaikar; to know how much they dont know abt there own city. Review Here

Four Movies

Andaz Apna Apna – This is my all time favourite movie and can watch it day in and day out.*

Dil Chahta Hai : No words.

Khuda ke liye : Awesome movie abt terrorism in pak and arnd the globe. A must watch!!!

Ek Hasina Thi : Thriller at its best.

I wonder how many of you will reach here. Becuase I am so bored typing all this. I pass this tag to all my fellow blogger frndz…specially poo,lilbrain and saltpit.

*CtrlC and CtrlV from alltalk :D


8 thoughts on “No TAG, TOO Big!!!

  1. Finalllyyy !! :D

    mazaa aaya padh kar… aur bahut baar laga apna hi blog padh rahi hoon ;)

    Star Bestseller & DBD were awesome !! I also liked Zabaan sambhal ke…DD actually showed some good serials na?

    Benaras/Haridwar are dream places 4 me too! They just seem to be out of this world…so much peace and serenity!

    and Five point someone is definitely one of the most humorous fiction I have come across :)

    • ye ..because m good at copy+paste thing (actually all engineers are) ..

      DD was awesome yaar….now we are spoiled for the choice…those days there were no fight over remote control.. :D

      benaras/haridwar/dharmashala are must visit places yaar…. in fact I have never visited north of india but I think I will love it.

      I loved five point too… :)

  2. even i haven’t been to north at all…rajasthan gayi thi when I was 2…so dun really remember anything….

    which place you from in Rajasthan?

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