iRead : Losing My Virginity

“Fun is the core of how I like to do business.”
– Richard Branson

After reading too much of fiction I needed this and I am glad I did it. I lost my virginty..err..I mean I read Losing my virginity. I like reading books about entrepreneur’s I have read one about Mr. kishore Biyani and one written about mindtree by subrato baggachi. I loved both and this is the third one in the same genre. It’s an auto biography of sir richard branson who is owner of virgin group. I like this guy his handsome, passionate, fun loving , witty ,successful and bit of nut.

Losing My Viginity

Losing My Viginity

Richard’s book is detail description of his childhood memories, his personal life, his adventures and his venture. poot ke pav palne me hi dikh jate hai The guy had inclination towards doing business from the start. He started with a magazine for student’s named ‘student’ at age of 16. Then he moved to mail-in order business for audio records. As luck would have it; UK post dept. went on strike and branson has to set-up his own retail shop to survive in business. From there on he never looked back.

Richard is quite frank about his personal life and give quite insight into it. I thought even from UK society’s angle it was quite bold and unconventional. (I am talking about his relationship with his wife and other women). But the guy is too good to resist when it comes to business. He re-invented almost each market where he launched his virgin services or product. Virgin Group has more then 350 companies under its umbrella and most of them are doing good.

After building a billion dollar company what would you do? Go fishing right? No; you try to attempt world record by covering circumference of earth in a balloon. There is more to ballooning what catches your eye. It’s a risky adventure and your at the mercy of wind from start to end. Richard gives detail experience of his balloning attempts; with passion. The guy has many word records to his credits.

Bottoms line is its a well written and nicely compiled book. But if you don’t like books on business ventures you may not like this one.

My Verdict : 4/5.

Between last book and this one I read two fiction books named The inscrutable americans by anurag mathur and almost single by adveta kala. I think inscrutable americans was decent book, But I liked almost single; I think I like girly books. I read opal mehta long time back and I loved that one too.

Just for Info I wont be reading any books for a while (as if someone cares..heh) because I think its high time I move to technical once. And Trust me you wont like reviews of those books , so for a while it’s all if and else from geek world.

Just a thought do you think I cas sue MTV for playing tandoori nights after den tan na (kaminey..awesome song) ??

till den..cya… :)


12 thoughts on “iRead : Losing My Virginity

  1. nice review dude … the book sounds interesting. Bahut time se koi book pada nahi hai … will read this one i guess …

  2. wow…should try this one out then…

    BTW, even me likes all entrepreneurial stuff…Try out Rashmi Bansal’s Coverage on IIM Entrepreneurs in Stay Hungry Stay Foolish…

    • Hey mukta u must try dis one…waise i have read n liked wat rashmi has compiled….i liked the guy who started orchid chemical…:)..he was more den a businessmen

    • As a marwari I think I have that zeal to go for it ..but I know I am bit too much messed in my head to get an idea which can get my plans going… :)..and lack of guts also the reason.. :(..You have any such plans??

  3. as a gujju i too should have it in my blood. blood test karana padega. if results turn out to be positive then i must start doing something abt it soon. first thing will be to start reading such books. u tell me which book should i start with?

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