Lets Get G(ay)ing

“Better to be known as a sinner than a hypocrite.”
~ Proverb quote

As I surfed through news channel on my TV I was bombarded with LGB(Lesbian, Gay and bisexuals) Info. How bench of HC has made consensual same sex relations to be legal. And the LSB community couldn’t control their joy. They said Its progressive but our our neta’s said it will lead to anarchy.

The most prominent voice I thought was miss celina jetly. She was everywhere I saw her on NDTV ,TIMES NOW and HT. And I thought lady talked sense. And I had to accept the fact all beautiful gals are not dumb.*Gals don’t kill me for this one*

Well I think It’s a move ahead. Its high time we should accept the fact that they are part of society and not some perverts.

On NDTV presenter asked a middle aged lady “Mam what you think? Will it be acceptable to your generation?”

And lady said it well “Its easier to accept it now with changing times.”

I understand its difficult to accept it but today its a reality; you cant ignore it. And anyhow Change is always difficult to accept isn’t? When TV came to india ,people said it will damage our culture. When computers came, people said it will increase unemployment . And latest when I started writing this blog. They protested but I continued and see I proved them right. OK!! I am not comparing TV and computers with IPC 377 but just making my point. On a serious note I think people slowly will accept LGB’s and they will be into mainstream may be after 2-4 generations unless our neta make a law against it.

On personal front if you ask me today I don’t think I will be comfortable to accept that any of my family member, friend or relative turns out be LGB. I can support the cause but when personal level pe baati aati hai I think it will be unnerving. OK I may sound like a hypocrite but at least I am honest. let me put it across to you how many of you will be ready to accept the fact if someone really close to you (say your sibling, your daughter/son ) say that he/she is homosexual and you wont deter him/her from going ahead?

I think at some point or other we all are moral hypocrites. Nobody wants to see there darker side in the mirror, we all love the comfort of mask that we are wearing, isn’t?. We all follow the double standard ….na??

Just putting this down because I think this issue needs to be addressed. So a short post.

*****personal update**********
I think things are moving to fast at personal level. I hope I end up with a jackpot. Will update you in detail later.

on the disk : Om mangalam from kambhaqt ishq…I hope u got tha clue… :P


22 thoughts on “Lets Get G(ay)ing

  1. there is always resistance to change.
    we are so used to set patterns and styles then any deivation from the routine disturbs us and then we dont want the change
    but change means progress ( mostly) so lets hope this change in our lawmakers thinking will bring out change for better

  2. yea i hope it brings people out from hidding…i mean like people (…some people…) are scared that other people will make fun of them…is that really what the world has come to…peop[le makein fun of gays so much that their AFRAID to come out in public…!!!!!!!!!i mean i think thats just plain igneraint(i dont know if i spelled that right or not)

  3. hey nice post … i guess ue post is quite honest. But i think there’s still a long way to go before people in this country become comfortable enough with the entire concept of gay and lesbian rights.

  4. Very Honest…

    I too am fine with the “live and let live” mantra.

    Yet, I too, would be a little uncomfortable having any such person in my close family/friends circle…

    Guess, I will have to get a much broader outlook !

    BTW, I guess Badhaiyaan and congratulations are in order?! :)

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