I cant think straight!!

“The secret to enjoying your job is to have a hobby that is even worse.”*

I am Back and without a BANG!!!

Its better to say I was busy than saying I am lazy. It may sound repetitive and obvious but I don’t have anything to write about. Title may suggest that I have leaped forward and changed my sexual preferences but it not like that. So all the karan johar’s please calm down. I cant think straight means I am more clueless about how to write this post than BJP leadership is about there party; how to put down useless thought which are running through my tiny mind. I want to write something funny but I think I should also write about shiney ahuja, also about mumbaiya weather, somehing I know about mystrey shopping and also about my dudhwala(his a regular reader). But making this post sound logical or remotely sensefull (is it the right word?) seems like asking for too much.

If you think above para was bizzare than you should watch headlines today anchor on there show called ‘Grand Stand’. She talks with such fake accent and gives 30 expressions between two frames that its difficult to guess how she actually looks like; is she a mamta kulkarni or antra mali?. I wonder why people watch such shows. Don’t ask me; come on I have a blog to write about it. Waise did I tell you everytime I write ‘write’ I type it as ‘right’ and then again have to correct it? I don’t understand why angrez invented such a complicated language; At least who have seen chupke-chupke will agree with me.

Coming to boring and monotonous life which IT industry has to offer. Life has been more boring than akshay khanna’s night life lately. Sipping the same old coffee , ranting about why all the cute gals are in other projects or other tech??.. infact in other building. And if I get some time I also write all that copy pasted code. Google is such a great site I tell you; In case You never heard of it; Its quite popular amongst species called coders. Try It!!

Mumbai rains are finally here. My mom is happy because I wont give her lecture about global warming and how water crises is awaiting all of us and I should save it by not taking bath on week-ends. I like mumbai rains unless I have to go out. From BMC workers to mumbai cars everything moves in slow motion. And the speed with which I work It seems pretty much in sync. It feels good.

Chalo start with your fav topic :

When I see those rakhi sawant ka swayambar teasers on TV. My heart goes out for the winner (or losser?). I Wish the guy all the best. To stop all the speculation about rakhi sawant and yours truly I read something very profound on ibnlive.com’s comment section. (I know putting rakhi and profound word in the same sentence is incorrect grammar but still.). And I truly agree.

The right man for Ms. Rakhi Sawant is Mr. Varun Gandhi aged 29. He is not happy with his sir-name.so he can change it to Varun Sawant. Both play to the gallery, have no volume or content and are empty in the head. They both believe in., and were created by God as brand ambassadors of “Nuisance Value”. Menaka Gandhi will be the perfect Saas for Rakhi., and Rakhi is the ideal Bahu for Menaka.
The circle has complete. Menaka, Varun and Rakhi. What an ideal family. What decency each has in word and deed. What class. What dignity they display. What upbringing each of the 3 has. This couple (Rakhi-Varun) is truly made in heaven.

*If you didn’t understood what that hobby is which make me love my job It is this one. Righting err…Writing pathetic posts like this.

I think It time for kalti and I wish all of you happy week-end.Waise have you saw any episode of forceindia show on MTV??..sonam is good.

I like dusky gals… :)


15 thoughts on “I cant think straight!!

  1. thanx for visiting my blog
    i look forward to such surprise visits which later on become permanent visitors( i hope you got what I am trying to say)
    hope to c u again
    vaise i will be following ur posts from now

    • Well you have nice blog anju. And will surely visit your blog again.
      But Your comment doesn’t suggest you could make out anything this post/blog is all abt… :)

      happy reading!!!

  2. Well again a post of making out somethin from nothin…but a good read for killin some time none the less…n no matter whether u accept or deny…seems like u think of rakhi every waking…n maybe most of the sleepin moments too…obsessed???

    And i do hope this time u ‘ll b bak soon….afterall u get the energy doses by catchin rakhi daily on tv….

    • Well I agree it’s something out of nothing as I mentioned at the beginning of the post itself.

      OK about rakhi I won’t accept and I won’t deny. It’s just for fun yaar… :)

      Hope will be back early!!!

  3. dusy gals r lovely. even i have noticed sonam. she has already won. she is one of the four winners. u will see her in the Force India calendar next. just imagine. ;)

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