Left Right Left !!!!

“Nobody cares if you can’t dance well. Just get up and dance.”
~Dave Barry

“Left Right Left!!!…1..2..3…4…5…6…k??..simple na??”

Well it looked as easy as hayden hitting a six to appam over the cover boundry.

“ye..simple”..i said.

“let start then…1..2…3..4..5…6”.

“k…1…3..2..2…errr…how to do this one?”

Other made it. 1..2…3..4..5..6…. :(

“Ok next step then”

She almost gave me “which-planet-r-u-from-look” while barely managing to control her laugh.

“Its even more simple ..1..2…3..jump…1..2..3..jump”.

I think she was testing me or may be she was missing her daily dose of cyrus on mtv and she thought i can be a perfect escape-goat.


Atleast i completed all steps; doest matter it was in random order.

Now this time she wanted to laugh big time but she didnt and she choked while controlling it.

Well you just got a glimpse of 1st session of aerobic class I been through. After attending the session my respect for bollywood chorographers incresed 10 folds. I mean now I no why ppl get so freaking crazy when ever-fat saroj khan gives them 100 rupee note on those reality Tv shows. Dancing is really an art and to master that; its a blessing (and hardwork). And if you are still wondering what I am talking abt i.e. if you have problem while adding 2+2 or your common sense says mumbai is capital of india or your uncle’s name is george bush then let me tell you in laymen terms that I am more pathetic then sunny and sanju baba when it comes to dancing. Now I know why dance instructor says making bobby deol dance was such a nightmare. I could see the pain in my instructors eyes.

IPL is over and after spending 99% of time (please note its after office) while watching those matches. I wonder what I will do now. No sensible thought crosssing my mind. But some not so sensible thought did crossed someone’s mind and the person called my companies office to say that there is bomb in our building. Well how pathetic you may be at shaking that leg; you dont want to die in your 20s; I dont think thats a perfect age to die. And on top of it I think its not the worthy enough reson to give all the chix and money (which may be comin my way as predicted by horoscope column of hindi tabloid) a miss. So I ran for my life and was out of the building in 6 and half seconds . Well turned out be a hoax call but we had a day off at 3pm… nice na?

After orkut I started to njoy the facebook too . I think there is not much of a scope to socialize there with friendz and orkut is well enuf. So I started adding filmi and TV janta(I mean stars) to my list. I am not sure how many of these profiles are true or fake but just adding them for FUN of it. I have added from likes of aakash chopra (for gals ..his a cricketer) to likes of mahesh bhatt. But I am most excited abt adding rakhi sawant as my friend. I have just sent her a request letc…fingures crossed..hehe. Just wondering what kind of facebook status he..err..she must be having…any idea?? may be like ‘Why ur crazy abt me’ , ‘Me itni hot kyu hai’ or may be latest ‘Mujhse shaadi karoge’…hehehe. And yes I think I am talking funny; And my building watchmen agrees with me too.

Normally I find it difficult to start a post but this time I am finding it difficult to end this one. So not sure what to say… should I say I know I have two left feet and I am not ashamed of it or shouuld I say in last four post there were 3 instances where graceful rakhi sawant’s name was dragged or should just tell you the real reason that i gotta pee….

But all this sounds so boring stuff..so will just say cya..till rakhi adds me as her friend .. :P

On the disc : ‘dance me chance mar le’.


13 thoughts on “Left Right Left !!!!

  1. And how come u suddenly landed up in between a dance….aisa kya bigada tha dance ya dance teacher ne aapka?????

    ANd ek aur bahut important query hai…i always used to wonder rakhi ka swayamvar ad dekh kar, if any guy in his right frame of mind ‘ll apply…but ur posts makes me feel dat u already hav…did u???

    • are joined aerobics classes na….you see cut-down is flavour of the season….and I serached on google also loosing bit of a weight never killed anybody….so…

      abt rakhi sawant show….shd I lie or should I truthfully say ‘yes’…. :P

  2. I really really feel pity for your instructor…dont worry 20-20 world cup is goin to start, till thn u enjoy wid ur salary which is goin to cum tday.. :P… i think rakhi sawant teri fav hai…u shd apply for her ‘Mujhse shaadi karoge’.. :D :D

  3. well for me “1..2..3..jump..1..2..3..jump” would look like “1….3..jump……..jump”.

    u say.. “U have two left feet”. i would say “Rakhi has two right feet”.

    u say.. “Dancing is really an art”. Rakhi would say.. “Making sense is really an art”. :)

    and Newton says “opposites attract”. :)

  4. i didnot know tum rakhi ke itne bade fan ho.. :)
    Waise Rakhi and abhishek ka to break-off ho gaya hai na..
    der r strong chances for u..
    ye request accept nahi kiya to dubara request kar dena..
    kabhi to accept kar hi legi.. :P
    all the best.. :D

    • yeee..fingures crossed…. :D…waise to all of you this post was not only abt rakhi sawant yaar..was also abt my aerobic class, IPL, Bomb scare…i think all of ur more intrested in rakhi den me… :P

  5. Hahaha o mine, i guess ur instructor mite b quite used to situations like this, as there are many more in this world like “u”, so dnt feel bad, its nt a crime nt to knw dance. Bt i didnt knew tat u like rakhi sawant so much :d

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