iRead : Every Second Counts

“Pain is temporary.Quitting lasts forever.”
-Lance Armstrong

AS I promised in the last post will be back when mumbai loose again, And they helped me to keep my promise they lost. So here I am with a new post. After last post this post should have been named ‘Fruit N Nut’ But just to maintain the sanity of this blog gave it the title it deserves.

After reading lance’s first book it was so obvious for me to read the next one.Its called every second counts. I will repeat that i dont like self help book; I don like people typing ‘how-to-sweat-it-out” while sitting in comforts of there home. I dont say they dont make sense but those books are not for me. Lance’s books are different because he walks the talk.

Every second counts tracks lance’s from his second tour to his fifth one. He also talks about his personal failures, Whats his idea of wining and what he think about survivorship. About his attitude change from one time risk taker reckless young american to a cautitious father.

At first it seems like it will be same as his first book but lance manages to make this one distinct. Although its not as good as his first one; its quite an exceptional book. I liked the way lance approaches his life and he truly thinks that every second does count.

When it comes to book review I fail completely. Its always difficult for me to summarize the book specially when i read this one 2 weeks back. And I am not as good as indiaunbound to write a precise review. But atleast i can say i loved the book and can recommend it to you.

My verdict : 4/5.

**********Added later*******************
Hey on sunday will be cleaning up the things at house and there is one chirag of all the junks i have. And this time around i plan to rub it a bit. If Genie indeed comes out and ask me for 10 ppl I want to meet rather than 3 wishes I have because of recession (Even they have to cut down). Lance will be the only male who will make it to the list…. :P
After finishing this one I jumped onto a fiction book called ‘If God Was A Banker’. I think chetan bhagat mislead many. Now every IIM or IIT chap thinks he can right a book. Chetan has a style and can cut a decent ranking,may be his bit over hyped too but this author sucks. This book revolves in a circle of foolishness-sex-foolishness. Its a sad and boring book . DONT READ THIS ONE!!!!

till the next time… :)


10 thoughts on “iRead : Every Second Counts

  1. Hmmm.. am not much of a Chetan Bhagat fan… his 2nd and 3rd books are bestsellers as he’s still basking in the glory of his 1st book, which again, was an okay book. In fact, his last book, 3 mistakes of my life, could very well be used as toilet paper. One of the mistakes of my life was to read his book :P

    oh, and new template? good! :D

    And which other 9 ppl would you like to me? :D *wink*

    • Hey i thought 5 point was good book. Other two were not upto the mark but for one time read i dont mind. wat i love abt his books is its always looser who get the gal….u c it feels good… :P

      ohh thats two secret list to reveal here…. :)

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