The Great Indian Netas

“Those who are too smart to engage in politics are punished
by Being governed by those who are dumber.”
– Plato quotes

It been long time i wanted to write abt the great indian politics .I always had my inclination towards indian politics whether good or bad it fascinated me from my younger days.My father always had political stand for everything and we used to discuss anything under the sun which is political ;now we dont talk politics so often but i love to talk about it and take a stand.although in this post i will try not to take any stand for any political party……

Let me tell you in bold that i dont support congress.

As elections are hardly away and the race to race cource getting uglier then shahnaz hussain ;i am wrinting this post and there are n no of ppl coming to my mind..from chidambaram to amar singh …from jairnal to meera sanyal….its getting diffiult for me to put down my thght in structured manner here..i dont no what to write, should i write how much useless and pathetic our netas are or should i write about the choice of national parties we have …..i dont no how i will complete this post but have to make a move….

It the time for 15th general election folks and everybody has tighten there seat belts for the TOP POST whether its Advani, Manmohan, Sharad Pawar,Mayawati and not to forget Mulayam singh .After observing wats going around even my watchmen is thinking of contesting an election.

The election campaigns are on full flow ,parties accusing each other for any wrong thing they did in the past from sikh massacre to godhra riot every issue is out of the closet.The hot topic is offcource the verbal clash between LK advani and manmohan singh ; I was surprised by manmohans singh’s comment; never thought even he can be provoked to show the mirror to so called iron men of BJP…now after accusing manmohan singh as the weakest PM Mr advani is feeling hurt about PM’s reply on his incompetence to act when kandhar happend;Its called getting dose of your on medicine Mr.Advani.

Another hot topic is Mr varun gandhi…he was always out of place like his father sanjay gandhi…and i think he will find his peace behind the bars.We dont need such young politician who make remark like this against any community.Alog with many things he also said how weired names this ppl have; i wonder how he will get away with his grand fathers name ‘Feroze’ even that name sound similar.

*******Mumbai boy*********************************
Now there are some fresh faces also in the race of election …likes of ABN AMRO head(Meera Sanyal)…mallika sarabhai…shishir tharoor….i am glad that such educated people are coming out to clean the dirty pool of politics.I havent checked differnt site these individuals must be having but i have visited meera sanyal’s site after i saw her in an interview ;But i felt cheated after bit of surfing on her site she has promised things which she practically cant do as a south mumbai MP and rather then giving emphasis on local grass rooot development she is promising as if she is going to be CM of Maharashtra.

Even if she is claiming to have a master plan for everything and when i digged into those plans it turned out to be a crap…just statement like we should do that..we should do this….there is even not a single line which says how she do it or go about it.I mean if i make such presentation for my business plan and ask ABN-AMRO for loan even there secuirity guard will kick me out…..and considering that we have young politician like milind deora ; i think south mumbai should vote for him!!!!

just to give u glimpse wat i mean check out the ms. sanyals “master plan” here :
and to no wat mr deora has done in last five years :

*******Mumbai boy*********************************

Coming back to election campaigns I think the worst is yet to come and BJP and Congress will touch there 52 week lows(this sensex doesnt get out my mind :P) ,i mean 52 years low .I could have written a bigger piece on this topic but my boss is calling me and with amount of work pending i should say goodbye to you…..

happy voting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!… :)


15 thoughts on “The Great Indian Netas

  1. hahhahhah..kahi sach na ho jaye…. :P

    waise yaad nahi but india shining or bharat nirman ke pehle aise slogan hi chalte the…

    ek 1996 ka yaad hai mujhe….

    ‘Tai Mai aaka vichar kara pakka
    aani haath la dya tappa”

  2. Man…, Nice one.. You should vote either for one of the two big leagues…, The problem with the third front is everyone in it wishes to be a PM…

  3. Politics is one of my fav topics of discussion.

    I am a first time voter this year.. am so thrilled! :D I last voted in the Legislative Assembly elections in 2007, but Lok Sabha is the ODI. :P

    I just hope that Mayawati, Mulayam, Laloo etc don’t end up becoming Prime Minister – that will be the day of prayer. *shudders*

  4. yeah well i was wondering ven u were gonna come out with a political subject … ;) … well i say screw these m@#%$*f&@#ers … sometimes i think a dictatorship would be nice … of course with me being the dictator … :D …

    neway will vote 4 one of these dicks!!! … but well written man …

  5. I still feel Congress to b better among rest…but plz no bricks on me…i’m probably politically unaware…nice one..though a question…is d boss a guy or gal??

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