Back to nothing…

“It is human nature to think wisely and act foolishly.”
– Anatole France

Yes down..i no u have been waiting for the latest post to go up..the wait has been longer then katrina kaifs legs….but guys gals i was busy with Piggy Chops… was on outdoor shoot with her that hurman/hirman/harman baweja dont line maro on her… recently i got reports from india that unless i write a new post some good things may happen like….adnan sami wont eat…vivek oberoi wont flirt and amar singh wont call bipasha so here i am to trying stop so much good that can happen and trying to write something funny .. …and i expect u to be ROFL……….ye i no thats overconfidence but thats wat u need on april fools day……waise probability of me being funny is as low as varun gandhi’s school grades (he went to school??).

Let me tell you april fools day is very significant to me ..i feel good abt it ..its my day i dont fool ppl arnd..but it feels good that people celebrating something which i already have from the tender age of 4 ..’follishness’

In this time of recession its apt that we should start our financial year on 1st april’s ..because we wanna fool ourself that everything will be alright in next fin year….talking abt economic slowdown i feel sorry for myself and for my friends because we all are facing the heat in one way or other….and i wish this damn things gets over as fast as kim sharma.

Ironically on this very day someone decide to start a company *hint* and 10 years after that recruit a guy who knew nothing abt coding….its my company’s b’day today ye it 12 year old baby now….and assume we will get that monginis ka slice cake as part of the grand celebration….. yummy na?…. :)

Well from long time i wanted to write abt varun gandhi and something about great indian politics…but on 1st april i thought it would be wise to recognize this day….

..chalo i should start my work now ..lots of work today and lot many issue (after wat i have coded there bound to be issues) ….and my 1-to-1 meeting for appraisal coming soon…wish me luck for that….hope i will break all the records of appraisal cycle ever happend in my company and will get out-of-turn promotion(dont laugh)…. God just give me all the
chiks and money money and chiks….. :)

..till den :)


15 thoughts on “Back to nothing…

  1. ROFL..nice post dude..nice blog..I felt like reading my biography when u talk about April fool being my(our) day..and our cos. recruiting someone who didn’t know coding(wonder who that is anyways :P)….

    btw..varun gandhi went to LSE…that is not lath sangh establishment…wonder what that is :)

  2. @rahul…welcome to the club…its our day…varun surely went to LSE… :)
    waise thx for visiting….

    @ guess who….i need not i can see ur email id….:)
    keep reading…

  3. nice post yaar … & definitely agree with the last statement there … :) ,,, it’s about time atleast some money ( if not chicks came my way ) .. :D

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