iRead : Digital Fortress

“We all have a right to keep secrets”
– Digital Fortress

Back to thrillers. Last one I read was ‘Nothing last forever’ by sheldon , nothing great and this time its ‘Digital Fortress’ by Dan brown the famous writer of Da Vinci Code. One of my online friend recommended this book as Dan brown’s best work as she has read all his books I trusted her. Hence borrowed the book from a colleague, never spend money on books that’s my motto.

Its not about the bike

Digital Fortress

To start, as any other normal book it also has a quote from some hot shot reviewer on its cover but unlike all other books the praises on inner pages are all about Da Vinci Code for a moment i thought they had wrong cover on the book …but it was Digital Fortress with praises of Da Vinci Code. :)

The plot is about NSA (National Security Agency ) of USA and how they threatened by their ex-employee who has some secret which can destroy the credibility of NSA and they want that secret to be destroyed or so to say to modified to suit NSA’s need before its made public and how they try to salvage their credibility.

It moves at fast pace and never settles for a breather, narration moves mostly with two parallel stories of Susan ( the protagonist) and her lover David with bunch of side kicks around. Well brown also points out how NSA is peeping in people’s lives and try to picture out both viewpoints i.e. of NSA as well as of general public.

Now I’m not good at describing the plot but it surely had potential and brown managed it well till the end and with quite a dramatic ending (probably inspired by Hollywood movies). Its a thrilling read but as Mr brown is no cryptographer or an ex-NSA employee he messed up at many places with factual errors and moved on with artistic liberties. I don’t have problem with fiction or fantasies or for that matter any such thing in novels but when you are making so realistic novel with reference to real agencies its get tricky and considering that I am a software engineer these unrealistic things bugs but if u like thriller its superb book and even you are not a big fan of thriller like me give it a shot. You wont regret it.

To sum it up if u ask me its worth a read!!!!!!!!

My rating : 3.5/5

..till den…:)


8 thoughts on “iRead : Digital Fortress

  1. even m not a big fan of thrillers bcoz it all gets predictable at the end..but atleast in this book the suspense comes out gradually….so kinda like that thing…i think USP is story moves very fast… :)

    and good fiction if u can recommend….m kinda running out of option…n no fantcy books plz…:)

  2. I rather love thrillers…but with most authors, once you know their style of writing, it is very easy to predict the climax :)

    If you haven’t tried Grisham, Ludlum, Forsythe, Robin Cook – Do try these.

    Grisham (Law) and Cook (Medicine) – have come out with some of the BEST thrillers ever !

    Try Grisham’s The Rainmaker for starters. An amazing read ! Also, Cook’s Coma/Toxin are fab !

  3. thx for the suggestions…but m affraid will ever read thriller fortress was the only choice i had so i read …but u never no…

    i rather prefer normal fiction ..i loved…
    kite runner..thousand splendid sun…five point someone…opal mehta…shantaram….

    normal fiction with indian or asian characters wat makes me tick i guess…. :)

    i even liked non fictions like
    rewrite rules retain values
    high performance enterpr…

    i think i shd now look for richard bransons auto-bio

    anywase incase u no some boook…

    keep reading!!!!11


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