JaaGo Ree….

“Democracy is a device that ensures we shall be governed no better than we deserve”
-George Bernard Shaw

You no wat i have been doing this liitle research on human body since last 20 minutes and see wat i have found ….

…human body is most productive wen u haven’t bathed for 6 hrs after ur outta bed…so i have decided that i will remain unbathed atleast on week-ends….i no my mommy wont buy this…but u no wat nobody believed einstein wen he discovered gravity(or was it newton???…watever)…

Well this blog isn’t funny!!!

I know most of you are sleeping …n sleeping with open eyes…you like to curse every time you see pot-holes on roads…wen you see long queue for boarding passes on airport…you curse wen there are no dust-bin on roads…you curse wen there is huge traffic…you curse wen there is mumbai attack…..you curse wen you don’t find bisleri bottle at MRP in multiplex…you curse wen you have to watch PHOONK in theatres ….basically wat i want to say is we all indians like to curse …we no how to abuse but how to produce we seldom care…..we want our system to change but we dont vote for it….we are lazy enough to give that election phase a miss…its so convenient also na??….and its so uncool to go to those muncipality schools to vote…..y cant they take SMS pool just like my fav show indian idol..huh???

…but the same hipocracy goes away wen its time to discuss obama..we all love him..we want to discuss wat change his talking abt..its so “in ” thing and classy to talk abt Mr. obama…..howz he loved by billions around the globe….and compare our politicians…but it always happen ..grass is greener on other side….we dont like our politicians..i agree…but have u done anything to change it???…ans is big NO….specially our young generation..they would rather prefer to catch a movie which will cost them 250 bucks (add 50 for coke also….and 300 more if u have gf)..or will spend a 500 for that silly bowling game..and 5 hours are wasted in nothing….but wen u tell them to vote they make faces as if ishant awasthi has been asked wat is 2+2….khuch nahi badlega…vote karne se khuch nahi hota..waste of time hai…this are the std responses u get from those so called ‘youth ‘ of india……just wanna say atleast vote…vote for the person you think may not be the best but better then others….

Half the generation of my age doesnt no that advani belongs to BJP and is not some antique piece in mallyas personal collection …for all those loosers who doesnt no wat its all abt and there GK says that paris hilton is name of some 5 star hotel in france but still wanna change things around then i would just advice you to vote for BJP or Congress or there allies dont vote for parties ..BSP..CPM..AIDMK..MNS…dont make them kingmakers…vote wisely!!!!!!!!!

BTW have voted for 3 elections(2 assembly and 1 general)….and its so happened that jisko bhi vote diya wo har gaya….so dis time i have decided that will vote against my fav. candidate …so that he/she will win..nice na???…but i will vote….

so guys n gals jago re…..and go and register yourself at this site….
do check out this site too…http://www.nocriminals.org/
and get ur left hand finger tainted with that blue ink this april or u will get wat u deserve as the quote on start of the page says…..

…till den… :)


8 thoughts on “JaaGo Ree….

  1. Hello!
    Very Interesting post! Thank you for such interesting resource!
    PS: Sorry for my bad english, I’v just started to learn this language ;)
    See you!
    Your, Raiul Baztepo

  2. gr88 initiative…:) evry youth shd think in the same line…….might be this can the start of CHANGE :)…appreciate u allthecrap….

  3. hey, i have not voted till now! But your post makes me want to vote. I am afraid that by voting, I will aid all the nonsense that goes as a part of politics including corruption, power clinging etc. But the quote you have given at the beginning of the post is excellent!

    Destination Infinity

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