Bus aiwee hi

“who cares?”

Disclaimer : All the gals,guys n bobby darling’s If you are expecting some philosophical,biological,logical or funny shit n if you think you are an smart ass… then just shoo away this is not for you…..but if you think you are IQ is liitle less than mallika’s dresses and ego little shorter than rajpal yadav’s height and if you liked tony B show on V tv then you may read on.there is 10% chances that you may like it… :P

The other day i got ping from my friend on gtalk….

My Friend (SD): allthecrap ye kya hai?
Me: blog hai…
SD: kiska blog hai?
Me : mera blog hai..
SD : sacchi??
Me : mucchi
SD : pura tera hai?
Me : mm… blogs are like undis …u cant share them..
SD : but y?
Me : well…mmm.grrrr….even i dont no…bus aiwee hi..just like that..
SD :tera jaisa banda aisa kar kaise sakta hai?(he was feeling sorry for me as if i watched ram gopal varma ki AAG)
Me : matlab?…
SD : tujhse ye expected nahi tha….
ME : are yaar jyada tension mat le as the name suggest its all crap….
SD :but yaar no spell check… no content..no commnets..koi padhta bhi nahi….total bakwaas….wats the use?
Me : cant help it… my knowledge abt english is as good as sonia gandhi’s knowledge abt hindi and abt content..my IQ is little better than Riya sen’s so coudnt have produce anything better…n i no u will survive even after reading it…..let it be…..its for me…just imagine after 10 years wen i willl go through them it will be FUN….na?
SD : God bless u…..(m sure he had tears in his eyes .. )

waise it will be real achievement if i can maintain it for 10 YEARS…m not sure abt you..but it will be fun for me …for sure!!!
after 2 years of blogging (read as 9 months active blogging) i dont see any reason to stop it with almost have 47(including this) post, 3k odd view , 15 category…..

..btw my little blog also got some attention with securing a small space in a mumbai’s tabloid which hardly anyone reads…n lately one of my friend (who regulary read that paper only for the sexpert section) informed me that after publishing my blog their sales figure went south…..n m feeling cho sorry for that!!!!

do check the link sometime this one doesnt work..but it was on 5th nov in bloggers park section n it was on kyunki goes off air

~btw tried reading two books on IIM’s ..”keep off the grass” completed n “Joker in the pack” just left in-between it was too badly written…whereas keep off the grass serve u the same run-on-the-mill IIM crap…similar to “5 point someone’ only diffrence is 5 point had direction and had a nice plot….so just keep off the book…
well right now reading the malgudi days ..its sweet liitle book with short story which we all saw in our teens on TV so it nice to have that….

..till den… :)


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