Mere pass Maa hai!!!!!

“Cinema is the most beautiful fraud in the world.”
-Federico Fellini

As my blog almost completing 2 years of existance and after wasting too much of internet space with my 45 odd posts (i wonder how many trees they cut down in uganda so i can keep up my craps on warming n stuff u c!!!…ye m learning)…i just realised that i havent written a single post on bollywood n my love for it….when i started this blog i wanted to write mainly abt things which makes every indian tick..n thats cricket n bollywood..n if ur from UP, Bihar or WB …add one more topic to the list… indian politics..tho i dont belong to this part of india..i love talking abt politicians and indian polictics n i can go on n on….that story may be some other time but for this post lets get dirty with the bollywood…

My first experience with 70mm was way back in 1990 (ye m that old) was ANJALI…i still remeber some scenes or would say some movie stills from the movie ..n as it was my first was special..n i believe everthing we do for the first time remains special..isnt?…first day at college…first crush…first rejection…first love…first rain…first job..first salary…. even i was thrilled ….it was a movie for kids…n yours truly was kid then…:)…. so i loved wat i saw…wer i sat..the samosa i ate..the chill cola which went down my throat… all was so orgasmic almost….

My dad was big fan of movies too so we used to rent VCR player n watch movies… put a VHS in that small black machine and here you go in this fictitious yet so realistic world of love…. romance..drama…humour…emotions….sacrifice..anger..n wat not…its magical..the cinema…the ppl….the stars….the dialogues….the cinamatography…how actors break into one song after other……. whether its dancing n running around the bush or at villan’s den bollywood has song for every situation…from single mother in mother india enforcing her belief into her children n herself that they can survive with “Duniya me hum aaye hai “….to lustful Mr India with sridevi in “kehni thi jo dil ki baat”….they no it all….

wat makes cinema’s so attractive around the world is the pain…the worries..we all have our share of troubles…the baggage we all carry in back of our mind all the time…but the cinema makes you let go all this…..its engages you in its own small little world with its characters…. its story…. so much so that we care less care abt our worries ,our pain for those 150 mins atleast….n thats wat so unique abt this mediam that people are so crazy abt it!!!!

In particular i like bollywood movies its not that m against wat hollywood produces….but m biased!!!…i like our style..our ppl….our music… more then wat their counter-parts in hollywood has to offer.And wat makes me go crazy…. is the dialogs that indian cinema has produced like “Kaun kambakht bardasht karnay ko peeta”(original devdas) “zindagi zeene ke do hi tarike hote hai”(RDB)…n we all loved wat saleem-javed pair produced in 70’s and 80’s….deewar..trishul and sholey… they have all those mindbogling dialogues we still remember…..

huh…..quite a long post….???
few of my picks if you wanna make sense of wat i was saying all along this post….m listing few of my fav n less known or cult movies…bcoz abt the blockbusters you already no…

Romance :
Kareeb by vidhu vinod chopra
Mein,meri patni or wo by Chandan Arora (watch it for rajpal)
Ek hasina thi by Sriram Raghavan
Jane bhi do yarro by kundan shah
Social message and Drama:
Khuda ke liye

Some of the movies i desperately want to watch are :
Rockford by nagesh k
Kagaz ke phool by gurudatt
Hazaroo khwahishe aisie by sudhir mishra
Earth by mahesh bhatt
Salam Bombay by mira nair

n currently i wanna c two movies which are in race for oscars:
Curious case of benjamin button
The reader

N just wishing slumdog all the best.n Go get it rehman……till den :)


5 thoughts on “Mere pass Maa hai!!!!!

  1. dude..we have wasted enough time in reading n writing the “sensible” things…n we are hardly using them in our daily it time to unleash ur little m-too-lazy-n-careless attitude by doing watever u wanna do…

    keep reading…. :)


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